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On the Edge: Save Your Edges with Hairline Hair Care


Worried about a thinning hairline? Want smooth, soft edges to frame your face, but not sure how to do it without damage? Many women suffer from hair loss around the temples and forehead, and the reasons for this are usually completely preventable: poor hairstyle choices, bad products, and rough handling all contribute to hair coming out. But you don’t have to contend with these problems – not if you take preventive measures!

The first thing to do to stop thinning edges in their tracks is to take a good look at your hairstyles. Are your locks usually slicked back into severe ponytails or braided tightly? Constantly pulling your hairline back and away from your face creates undue tension and ultimately leads to weakening of the hair shaft and pulling out of the follicles. Translation? Baldness and breakage. Vary your hair styles – between braided looks, full-lace wigs, or sew-in weaves, wear simple coifs that direct your natural hair forward and take the pressure off – and try to loosen up your touch when you do pull those locks back.


Another solid move is to check out the products you use on your hair. Synthetic-bristle brushes and heavy, alcohol-laden gels and waxes are notorious hairline-destroyers. Plastic brush bristles tend to have sharp, angled ends, which cut into the scalp and slice the hair; just run one over your hand, and you’ll see how painful these brushes feel. Why subject your tresses to this abuse? In addition, many holding products used to keep edges in line actually just clog the hair follicles with waxes and dry your strands with alcohol, leading to more frizz and tough times than you ever had before. Try natural boar-bristle brushes (much softer) and pomades to tame that hairline.


Also, think about re-examining your general approach to hair care and styling. Are you usually trying to force you hair to do something it won’t do? Many women go overboard with pressing combs, flat and curling irons, and super-strength chemicals, all in an attempt to make their hair much straighter, curlier, or more colorful than it naturally would ever be. Take a step back and reflect on your natural hair type, and see if the styles you’re going for work with or against it. If you find that you’re always fighting an uphill battle to make your kinky hair look bone-straight, or vice versa, you may want to try a new approach to styling your locks. Maybe you need a wig to help you achieve that platinum-blond look, instead of harsh bleaching and dyeing. Maybe curlier styles like wet sets or wraps will bring out a new kind of beauty in your kinks. Or maybe hair extensions – not too tightly installed, of course – will help you get those luscious curls you’ve always wanted.


Any way you look at it, though, moderation is better than overdoing things. Scale down the strength of your relaxer or permanent-wave applications, making sure not to over-process and fry hair by leaving chemicals on too long or applying too often. Leaving relaxers on for too long is one of the main causes of hairline hair loss; don’t go bald pursuing super-straight locks! The same goes for color applications, especially bleaching – find gentler ways to touch up and stretch out your chemical services. Also take precautions with wigs, every time: don't overdo it with wig tape or glue, since these can tear your strands out, and always make sure your edges are covered with a soft cap. These moves, combined with reduced heat styling, a variety of styles, and gentler products and styling techniques will keep your edges – indeed, all your hair – healthy, beautiful, and growing!

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