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Hair Extensions Sprouting Up Everwhere

You see how these women, Britney, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and music videos, they have more hair on his head than clothes on their bodies. The truth is, most of the female acctresses in Hollywood are probably wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions are all a repeat of the 60 's, but then you thought wearing a wig or a piece of hair was something that was not cool and you didnt want to do it because of the attention it would draw.

Today, everybody is wearing extensions and it's spreading around the world like wildfire. The market has seen an explosion of products which can be applied by a number of methods, including collage, weaving, sewing, gluing or clamping. A professional designer will use a system of binding proteins applied to the one-inch hair on the scalp and fuse with ultrasound. The hair usually comes from Russia, India and Europe, where women traditionally wear long hair. Train loads of hair are introduced into plants, mainly in Italy, where it is washed, separated and then dyed shipped. Human hair can be quite expensive, many people take advantage of their customers by charging $ 800 to $ 2,000 depending on the number of bundles (seven frames for the average head) you need and length.

The truth of the matter is the quality of human hair does not cost that much. Everything depends on the source. Many women now prefer temporary extension for special occasions like weddings, parties and portraits, but also a ponytail for the summer they don't need to manage or maintain it all of time. Also some women just want a temporary extension for a holiday where they are swimming and out partying for a few days. Hair extensions were common among black women since the early 80 's. Now, the rage is Indian hair extensions, cutting edge hair of high quality, because most of it has never been treated or chemically treated (called Virgin Remy). Indian hair is naturally strong in the root, and comes in a variety of dark colors and textures.

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