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Hair Candy: Do you Accessorize Your Locks with Headbands and more?

Many of us enjoy wearing our hair down with minimal hair accessories, unless they include a single elastic hair band and a few bobby pins to keep our hair in place. But did you know there are many hair accessories that you also could be using in your hair? Many of the fabulous hair accessories available would keep the hair out of your face and also look amazing with new hair extensions or a new ensemble you've been dying to wear! For the sake of being fun, we are about to call hair accessories hair candy because candy is so much more fun and will make our hair yummy at no time at all.

So what kind of hair candy would you like in your hair?

Jeweled bobby pins, hair combs, and more can easily brighten up your hair look and give the overall ensemble some subtle glamour. If you are a bride a single hair piece may do the trick on your wedding day or if you are simply headed out for a day of fun a jeweled bobby pin can be the icing on the cake. Here are a few pieces of hair candy that you should consider implementing into your stylish locks:

Side Combs

Pull one side of your hair up with a side comb for an easy and convenient look on the go. Prior to inserting the comb, curl your hair or if you already have a Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Weave all you have to do is air dry your hair and divide it into different sections, gently defining your curls with your fingers. Now all you have to do is insert the comb into your defined curly locks and you are all set to go!

Flower Hair Clips

Find a hair clip that will bring out the color in your hair or just adds extra style to an outfit. If your hair is dark finding a yellow flower hair clip made out of felt may be the perfect touch because it will implement just the right pop of color. Pulling both sides of your hair back and adding the flower to the center of your hair may also look nice - first secure the middle of your hair with bobby pins and then put the flower in for a finished look.

Seasons do not have to be a concern when it comes to wearing flowers in your hair - when the fall and winter months appear a pop of color with a flower barrette may be exactly what you needed to brighten your mood.


Headbands come in a variety of styles and can positioned on your hair in different angles. Even though you can find headbands in plastic or even metal, we would suggest trying a fabric headband because it is less likely to cause a headache.

Many fabric headaches are adorned with flowers, jewels, feathers, and more. They are the perfect candy for any outfit, including a quick ensemble that would include jeans and a tee. Make a headband become the focal point of your outfit by wearing a headband that stands out, such as a headband with a peacock feather or larger flower.

As you can see there are a variety of hair accessories that you can try out in your hair and it just doesn't end with headbands. There are head wraps, jaw clips, jewel head combs, and more. Depending on the look you are going for on a certain day, choose from a variety of accessories that will make your hair look delicious. Don't stop with just one piece of hair candy, buy a variety and when the day is right, pair your ensemble with the perfect amount of candy that will make everyone hungry for more.

Do you wear hair candy in your hair? Tweet with us and let us know what yummy accessory for your hair is your favorite!

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