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Hair Auction for Cancer Research



We're joining the fight against Cancer, and we'd like to ask you to help. We'll be auctioning off two of our very popular 16" Wavy Machine Wefts, the full winning amount of the auction will be donated to the American Cancer Association and  Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

We'd like to make this a regular event depending on how it goes. We're hoping many people want to be a part of the cause. Cancer and Breast Cancer affect many of us and hits close to home in many ways. I for one have experienced loss in my life from this disease, and I'd really like to make a concerted effort in supporting research in finding a cure.

Here's how the auction works:

  1. Register an account at Perfectlocks.
  2. Click on "Cancer Research Auction" in the navigation column on the right.
  3. Bid for the hair.
  4. The winning bidder pays for the auction price.
  5. We send the hair out.
  6. We split the proceeds to the American Cancer Society and Susan G Komen for the Cure.

We'll be posting the winning auctions on a special page with the winners and the amount of money donated.  Depending on the amount of interest, we'd like to make this a regular event... at least until a cure is found!

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