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Great Lengths: Shakira’s Fabulous and Inspirational Hair

She’s fresh-faced, sexy, and incredibly beautiful – and we’ve never seen her without amazing hair. Though Shakira never seems to cut her hair, she keeps her style innovative by using many different long styles, hair extensions, and textures, so that her fans are still surprised. Just look her up on the internet, and you’ll find many pictures of her with the same length of hair, but an incredible set of diverse styles that never grow old. From dread-locks to glamorous, she’s done it all. Here are a few of our favorite Shakira styles.

Long and Straight

straight hair

Shakira rocks straight styles, curly styles, and everything in between. This long, loose romantic style works on many different face shapes. Though the hair looks heavy and thick, we don’t lose any volume, and natural roots peek through at the scalp. Use extensions to give hair the necessary volume it needs, so that it doesn’t fall flat under the weight of your natural hair. If you need to add some length to give your hair a bit of thickness and wow-factor, use extensions to add length as well. Intersperse them under your natural hair through either a weave or clip-in extensions.

Sexy Waves


Waves typically look romantic on most women, but on Shakira they are downright edgy and sexy. Structured waves at the tips and black extensions reinvent this girly style so it’s anything but innocent. Use extensions for volume, length, and color if you’re not ready to commit to a more permanent contrasting color. For this look, stick to neutral colors that starkly contrast your natural hair color. Browns and blacks work best. Any other colors will lose the edge. Makeup features bold, lined eyes and natural lips and cheeks. Let the eyes be the focus, and match your liner to your colored extensions.

Beachy Curls


This new take on a curly hairstyle is both exciting and alluring. Tighter curls rest near the face, with straighter, wavy strands toward the ends. Be sure the ends still have some curl and wave to them, and that the hair on the crown of the head is also curly. Throw in some extensions to add length and volume, but make sure they match the texture of the rest of your hair. Try this for an evening at a club or another night occasion that requires you to look your best.

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