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Great Gatsby Inspired Fashion - Get a Similar Look in Time for the Film to Arrive

With an upcoming film adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s popular 1925 novel,The Great Gatsby, slated for a summer 2013 release, Art Deco, “flapper” style is making a major comeback on the fashion scene. If you are at all familiar with the book or 1970’s theatrical adaptation, you’re aware that the trend sparked by the film’s imminent release is luxury and opulence down to the tiniest detail.

Fashion paralleled what was happening in the United States in the 1920’s or “Golden Twenties”: women experienced a new found freedom and the right to vote, new technology like the invention of the automobile led to a break from the past and new focus on social, cultural, and artistic innovation including films and celebrities, and it was a period of economic prosperity.

Fashion for women was a social statement and they used it as a way to rebel from an inflexible Victorian life. They ditched their corsets, shortened their dresses, cut their hair into bobs, and started wearing makeup. They also dressed everyday as though they were attending a formal event. However, when Gatsby’s around, every day’s a party whether there’s an occasion or not.

Great Lengths for Shorter Lengths:

“Flapper” fashion was a complete departure from the corseted plain gowns of the Victorian era. Instead of de-emphasizing what women were wearing, women rebelled and wore shockingly short (for the day) sparkly dresses and as many decadent accessories as they could pile on: fur, feathers, pearls, gems, lace, diamonds, and whatever else was available. Nothing was left untouched; hair accessories or hats were seen on every head, jeweled brooches were affixed to every dress or coat, pantyhose covered every exposed leg, and statement jewelry was worn anything but proportionately.

Even makeup was heavily applied. The general rule today is to focus on highlighting one feature; in the twenties, smokey eyes and red lips were a common pairing. There was a great emphasis on geometric shapes which correlated with the Art Deco style of architecture of the time. To get a similar look, search for a body-skimming eye-catching knee-length dress, a pair of t-strap heels, red lipstick, then layer on the jewelry!

Are you excited to see The Great Gatsby in theaters later next year? Get the look and be ready in time to see the film when it comes out!


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