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Golden Glow: Lighten up Your Hair at Any Shade

Summer is the perfect time to let the sun touch your hair, infusing it with glorious natural highlights. However, busy schedules and warnings about too much sun exposure can really put a cramp in obtaining sun-kissed, summer beauty. No problem – get a stylist to help infuse that sun-kissed look into your hair, no matter what shade it is. With knowledgeable professionals and high-quality products available, there’s no reason not to break the bottle blonde stereotype and step into summer with sexy, natural looking summer hair. Check out these recommendations for lightening up any shade. Lighten up your hair and you will feel like a new and improved fashionista this summer.

Black Hair

black hair

While those with beautiful, raven-colored hair may not want to go stark blonde unless they’re feeling extra adventurous, there are some great natural color options to give you just the right amount of lightness in your dark locks. Infusing your hair with red or bronzy tones may be the way to go, if you want a more subtle, classy look with color dimension. Lightening too much can damage hair, so keep a healthy, gorgeous mane with subtle hints of summer. Add some extensions to highlight your volume while you highlight your color.

Brown Hair

brown hair

Brown hair is quite versatile when it comes to summer highlights, because you can choose from many different color tones. Reds, strawberry blondes, and blonde highlights can all work well, depending on how drastically you want to change your color. Consider your skin tone and what highlights may work best. Very pale women tend to do well with honey-colored or reddish tones. Darker women with light blonde highlights look like summer has kissed them. Consult a colorist to learn about which colors may work best for your skin tone. It's also important to lighten up your brown locks gradually so that you don't damage your hair.

Blonde Hair

blonde hair

If you have naturally blonde hair and just want to lighten it up, you’ve got several options. Partial or full highlights will keep your natural color as an undertone and brighten up the areas around your face, which the sun naturally touches. Most blondes can go fairly light without it looking unnatural. If you haven’t tried going platinum, or close to it, platinum blonde is a fantastic color that many women pull off quite well – even darker skin-tones like Halle Berry have rocked a blonde pixie. It’s a dramatic style, but summer is the time to try out dramatic styles. Consult a colorist to find out what shade is right for you and lighten up your hair for a hot summer blonde hair do.

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