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Golden Globes Retro Glam Hairstyles: Remembering the 1940's

Were you as excited about the Red Carpet hair during the Golden Globes as we were? Not only did many actresses sparkle with their Hollywood glam attire, they caught our attention with their gorgeous locks! This year's Golden Globes was all about 1940's hair, from side partings with loose curls to bobs with a wavy texture. Many actresses went with their romantic side and wooed us all with their dreamy dresses and vintage tresses! If you're wondering how to style your hair with a retro glam appeal, read on to find how how!

DIY Retro Glam Hair:

To start styling your hair Hollywood glam with larger curls, part your hair to one side. Use the arch of one of your eyebrows as a guide. Once you have a side part it's time to make your hair curly and lovely! Blow your hair or hair extensions out with a round brush that's either small or medium depending on how much hair you have. As you blow dry each section pin up larger sections of hair - this is what you need to do create your retro locks.

Next, pin curl your hair section (meaning pin up sections of your hair in tight pin curls) and after your hair is almost dry spritz your pin curls with a lightweight hair spray. Once you feel they are completely dry (even though you've mostly dried your hair) you can get ready to see beautiful and loose 1940's curls.

Now it's time to remove the pins! The pin curls will add the perfect amount of movement and volume, but they still need to be set with a curling or straightening iron. Use your Perfect Locks Silk Serum to moisturize and set them in place!  Curl your with with your favorite iron and watch your Hollywood retro hairstyle come to life!

If you'd rather have tighter Hollywood waves like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Amy Adams wore for the Golden Globes, use one inch pin curls as opposed to thicker pin curls that are normally  created using thicker sections of hair. Having tighter pins take more effort to create on top of your head but are certainly worth it! After taking your curly hair out of the tighter pin curls (follow the instructions of the looser pin curls), wrap about a one inch section around a heat iron, but allow your hair to twist naturally around the iron. While doing this section by section, pin your hair it at its base.

Continue to do this until your full head of hair is curled. Afterwards, remove the pins at the base and gently comb out your hair. Pull the side of your hair that has less hair behind your ears, sweep it to the side, and you will have your perfect Hollywood glam hairstyle!

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