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Gift Ideas to Bless Her Heart – and Hair

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re still Christmas shopping, you’re probably shopping alongside about 80% of the population. This time of year malls and stores are packed with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Parking, lines, and crowds add to this busy season – everything seems to take longer than it should. Skip those busy malls and stores and get her something she’ll truly love without the hassle. Check out our selection of great products, extensions, and hair accessories online – and learn more about our holiday giveaway.

Vital Hair Care Products

argan oil

Whether you’re new to extensions or are an old pro, it’s important to get the right hair care products to preserve extensions and give you great hair. If you’re unsure what extensions to get the hair-extension-enthusiast in your life, Vital hair care products are an excellent option to give something both useful and indulgent. From shampoo to conditioner, to special argon oil, we have everything necessary to care for those extensions and support hair health. Create a spa at home with these fabulous products. We also have a variety of tools that will help style, tame, manage, and encourage a long life for extensions.



You may already know which extensions your loved ones want and need. Extensions are a great gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. Remember when selecting extensions that you want to pay attention to color, texture, and length. Ask the advice of a professional if you’re not sure of what kind to get. Lashes are also a great, fool-proof gift, especially for all those New Year’s parties to keep your loved ones looking their best.

Hair Tools and Accessories – and our GIVEAWAY!

12 days giveaway

We offer lots of hair accessories and tools as well. You can’t go wrong with our fine selection of tools that will help with the care, maintenance, and styling of extensions. Check out our fine Indian pashminas as well – lovely gifts for beautiful women in an array of bright colors and fabulous fabrics. There’s also still time to enter our holiday giveaway: 12 Days of Perfect Locks. Each day from Dec. 11th-22nd, one lucky winner will be selected via social media to receive amazing prize packages directly from Perfect Locks. That equals 12 lucky winners over the course of 12 days! Enter to win today.
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