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Get to the "Root" and Discover the Best Colors that Match Your Skin Tone


If you've been wondering how to tell what your skin tone is, the good news is that there is a way to find out. Once you find out (we'll tell you how shortly), wearing clothing that has the right colors will not only enhance your skin tone, but it will also make you look extra healthy and younger looking. Plus - it will also brighten up your eyes and make your hair look even more shiny and radiant!

To figure out what colors will match your skin tone the best, first it must be understood that it's important to discover what your real coloring is. We're not talking about your coloring that changes when you tan, but what your normal everyday coloring is. It's time to think back in time to discover your coloring. What was your hair color when you were a pre-teen? No, not your new hot color that your hair stylist or Perfect Locks so perfectly provides you, ;) but your hair color when you were young.


Can't think that far back? That's okay, there's another way to tell. Take off all of your makeup and look at your beautiful face without makeup. What's your true skin tone? If possible go into the natural light and look for cool and warm skin undertones. Do you see it on your face? If not, another place to discover your skin tone is to look at the inside of your wrist. If your veins are green, you have warm skin undertones. If you your veins are more blue, you are cool-toned.  Here are more accurate instructions so that you can figure out your skin tone:

If what you think are cool skin tones have pink, reddish or blue undertones, then your skin tone is most likely:

• brown

• dark brown

• pure olive

• medium with faint pink or no color in your cheeks

Keep in mind that black skin that has cool blue undertones is usually very dark or it also may have a light gray tone if it is lighter. Here's a wonderful tip to remember: brown or black skin that has cool undertones will look wonderful with vivid, bold, and outstanding colors that are primary or cool pastels. Think of stylish colors like white, blue reds, fuchsia, lemon yellow, blue greens, and hot pink.

If you have warm skin tones you also will have golden undertones and your skin tone is most likely:

• brown

• very dark brown

• medium

• golden olive


If you feel this is more your skin tone, gray, navy, and black are excellent colors to wear if you have brown, black and olive skin tones. Don't forget this also includes yellow, warm, and golden undertones. Additional colors include turquoise, evergreen, orange-based reds, and tangerine. These are all perfect colors to wear during the summer!

Why not try these colors on for size, literally? After you have what you think your ideal color is on, to confirm whether the color is indeed complimenting your skin tone, look at yourself against a white or off-white background. This will reflect how the color looks against your skin tone, which will show you how the color is reflected to others. Asking a friend or family member will also help you decide if you are wearing the right color that goes well with your skin tone.

Once you've got your colors down, it's nice to add to your wardrobe! Discover the colors that do indeed flatter your skin tone and as for the rest, donate the rest of the clothing that does not flatter or give them away to friends who have a different skin tone. Once you discover the right colors for your skin tone, it's time to look your best. You've passed the skin tone test and now you are on your way to dressing for success and looking your best!

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