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Get the Lowdown on 3 Sweet Pool Party Hairstyles that Still Look Amazing when Wet!

It's the weekend - are you doing anything fun? If you are planning to head to the pool chance are you'd like your hair to look lovely too, right? There's nothing worse then getting out of the pool with your hair all knotted and tangled. It gets really annoying when your locks are stuck all over your face, doesn't it? Our pool party hairstyles will not only look chic, but they will stop hair from tangling before it even begins! That way when you emerge from the pool your hair will look fabulous and not gross and snarly.

1. Low Ponytail 

If you're pretty active in the pool either running after kids or swimming laps when time allows (and you're not hosting a fabulous pool party), wear a low ponytail and keep your hair close to the nape of your neck. Having a low ponytail will also allow your goggles to sit firmly on your head. Not to mention your tresses won't get all over your face and eyes either, which is never fun when you're trying to exercise.

2. French Braid

A french braid is a perfect hairstyle for an afternoon pool party because when your hair gets wet your hair will stay out of your face! Plus, you'll while looking stylish with your braided hairdo too! Plus, after your hair is dry or if you'd like to take out the braid as the evening pool party progresses, you'll have wavy locks to show off that will look stunning. Slip on a halter dress over your suit and you'll have an instant summer day romantic style.

3. Tight or Slightly Loose Top Knot

A tight or slightly loose top knot (make sure it is tight enough so that it will stay in), is very simple and also very chic! Secure a top knot on top of your head and keep your hair out of your eyes and face when you're relaxing in the pool. A top knot will look very stylish, but at the end of the day don't forget to let your hair down or you will have to deal with topsy-turvy locks that will no doubt get out of control!

So solve your pool party dilemma and wear one of these three chic hairstyles during a pool party or even when you're swimming laps. Having your hair up in a chic top knot, french braid, and even a ponytail will also protect your tresses from sun damage and chlorine. Another tip is to take a quick shower before hitting the pool because if your hair soaks in "fresh water" prior to pool water, then chlorine won't seep in as much into your hair. Your hair can only soak in a certain amount of water at a time and we all know that house water is better for your tresses!

Just always remember to rinse your locks after you’ve finished swimming too — even though you showered prior to hopping into the pool doesn't mean that chlorine won't weaken and destroy your tresses, especially if you're outside for a long time! So keep your tresses healthy looking and shower right after you get out of the water. Oh, and have lots of fun this weekend!

-Perfect Locks

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