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Fusion Hair Extensions: The Long Lasting Solution

Hair extensions can dramatically change the way you look if applied correctly. When you decide to get a hair extension done, you'll notice that there are several different methods to attach them, which include sewing, gluing, clipping and tubing. Each of these techniques has their own pros and a con, therefore choosing a hair extension method boils down to personal factors such as your hair condition, lifestyle, budget and needs. If you are on a look out for hair extensions that can last long enough while still giving the natural look and feel, fusion hair extensions is just the thing for you to achieve those sought after perfect locks.

Why Choose Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions, as the name suggests is all about blending with your own hair to give the best possible natural look. They are attached to your hair through a technique called 'fusion bonding'. This process works seamlessly by fusing the extensions, strand by strand, with the keratin proteins present in your own hair. The next step is to attach the weft with the roots of your natural hair using bonding glue, made specifically for this purpose.

These extensions are a great option for women who aren't comfortable with clipped on readymade hair. It's also perfect locks for all those people who stay in fear that their extension might fall off and cause embarrassment in front of the others.

Fusion extensions are the most sought after as they have the potential to last up to six whole months when applied properly by a trained professional and with the right maintenance. What's more, hair extensions done using fusion are impossible to detect and tell apart from your own natural hair.

Two Methods behind Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are of mainly two types: hot and cold. Hot fusion involves attaching the extensions to your own natural hair with the help of hot glue. This type of extension can last long enough, usually for around four months. While a large number of women like going for hot fusion extensions, some of them believe that it could make your hair stiff and unnatural.

Coming to cold fusion, this type of extension is very similar to hot fusion, but is a lot gentler on the hair. Cold fusion extension uses keratin-based polymer that gets attached to the roots. Cold fusion is highly appropriate for thin hair, as it doesn't use heat. Such hair extensions could do well up to six months.

Fusion extensions not only give high quality results but also produce hair that lasts long. This is why these extensions don't come cheap and are rather expensive when compared to other hair weaving methods. Also the type of hair you choose can either increase or decrease the overall price.

All in all, if you are looking for perfect locks that look good, feel amazing and last several months without any hassle, you don't need to look any further. Setup a consultation meeting with your stylist and get one done for yourself.

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