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Fish-tail Braid Tutorial with Clip-On Hair Extensions've been asking about hair tutorials on Facebook lately and we're going to try and post more on the blog about them and offer you advice on how to achieve these gorgeous hairstyles! One style you might have your eyes on lately is the fish-tail braid. Even though it looks challenging, it's easier to implement in your hair than you might think. Practice definitely makes perfect and there's no exception when it comes to learning how to master a fish-tail braid.

One thing to note is it is a lot easier to fish-tail braid your hair if your tresses are longer or if you have hair extensions. Part of achieving the perfect braid is getting hair extensions that are complimentary to your hair type! For example, if you have hair that is straight, it will be easier to braid your hair with straight hair extensions. However, if your natural locks are curly and you have straight extensions there's also the option of straightening your real locks prior to braiding your tresses, which also works just as well. Just remember that a fish-tail braid is very sleek, so the woven pattern will definitely show through. This is why it's important to have straight hair when you start braiding.

So are you ready for the steps so you can achieve the perfect braid? Here you go! (P.S. please also see the YouTube video above that will show you how to use clip on hair extensions to create a fish tail braid).

First, get all of your supplies ready. This includes your brush, comb, hair extensions (if they are clip ons), and styling products. Next, find a mirror that's large enough to hold out in front of you so that you'll be able to see what you are doing. ;) Having a portable mirror is even more convenient if you're able to buy or find one in your home. Having two mirrors at once will help you figure out the braid a lot faster and you'll be able to master the braid too.

Once your clip-on hair extensions are in your hair, grab the back of your hair and make a pony tail with an elastic. Next you'll want to divide your hair carefully into two different sections.

Once you have your two sections (two small sections from your pony tail), take each section in opposite hands (i.e. one section in your right hand and the other in your left hand). Now it's time to intertwine the sections alternately. (See the video if you are having a hard time with this part). After you grab each small section of hair you'll want to continue to add a new smaller section of hair. This means that you shouldn't have grabbed all of your hair for each section, just two small sections to start with so you can weave in your extra hair as the braid continues. A fish-tail braid is like french braiding except you're only using two sections of hair as opposed to one! From here on out it's important to keep your hair smooth so that you can show off your fish-tail braid. You'll most definitely want to show off a stylish hairdo' once you're through!

Next, keep braiding until you've reached the end of your hair. It's now time to secure your fish-tail braid with another elastic so that it's secure and won't come undone.

So now that you're done it's time to take the other band out (that was holding in your hair initially) and loosen up the braid depending on the style you're trying to achieve. You can either go with a loose braid or tighter braid depending on your preference. Aren't sure if you did the fish-tail braid aspect correctly? Watch this video again or hop on YouTube and find more tutorials - you'll catch on eventually and in the mean time just be patient. After all, it's all about having fun experimenting with hairstyles while using your clip-on hair extensions!

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