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Feel Dressy and Sassy with Chic Apparel on Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Are you excited to spend time with family members and loved ones? Perhaps you'll be showing off your hair extensions. Styling your hair with rollers and making it beautiful and curly would look great.

There are little ways you can make your style fantastic on Thanksgiving day. Read on to find out.

Don't have time to style your hair? Use our clip on hair ponytail and get that added length on Thanksgiving day. You can focus more on your outfit and makeup and won't have to worry about your hair. Create an easy up do with our clip on hair extensions.

You can also select from a straight, wavy, or curly clip on hap ponytail for the holidays. Buy ahead and purchase one for Christmas!

Trying to think of the ideal outfit? Since you will be eating turkey (depending on your family traditions,) you'll want to stick with something chic and comfortable.

Try wearing a pair of leggings, or a maxi dress for the occasion. Pair the leggings with a lovely tunic and your favorite pair of boots. Or opt for more comfort and wear a pair of flats. Jeans or a tight dress are a no no because we all know that most of us will be eating a lot on Thanksgiving day! So, opting for comfortable wear during Thanksgiving and Christmas is your best bet. In all honesty you will want to hide your full tummy. However, don't over eat because gaining weight during the holidays is never fun!

For other holiday wear ideas, a knitted or crocheted sweater top is a classy look for the holidays and looks great paired with leggings. Like the picture to the left, wearing a pop of color is nice during the winter time because it brightens up a style when outfits quickly become dull.

In regards to jewelry, wear a long necklace that's long and lovely to add the perfect amount of glitz. Pile on the bracelets if you are in the mood and find the perfect earrings to complement your outfit.

What would you like to wear for your makeup on Thanksgiving day? If you are going for a brighter look wear bright lipstick (maybe hot pink,) from a company like MAC. If you are opting for neutral tones in your outfit, find lipgloss from NARS. They have a lot of great neutral makeup tones that look great on a pretty face and create the perfect nude lips.

All of the ideas above should get you inspired to create a lovely holiday outfit. Staying comfortable during the holidays is key, but the good news is that there is still a way to incorporate chic apparel and style. Blow everyone away at your next get together with extensions, an gorgeous outfit, and the perfect amount of makeup that makes your face glow.

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