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Fashion Do's and Don'ts - A Quick Guide to Wearing What You Love

As a fashionista, sometimes it's hard to know how to exactly pull off a certain style. Should you embrace certain styles or let them go? Do you buy a lot of your favorite accessories that all look similar or do you invest in a variety of accessories instead? Obviously your style is up to you, but creating your own guidelines will certainly help you in the style department. Here are some tips that we feel help us in the fashion department and we hope they give you some quick go to ideas as well.

DO have a variety of clothing items to select from, i.e. jeans, tee-shirts, tunics, dresses, skirts, and leggings.

Having a variety of essentials will be great when planning for every type of occasion. Instead of wondering why you don't have a pair of jeans (yes, some women don't own a pair of jeans!) or why you've invested in everything legging related, but don't own any dresses, you need to reconsider your wardrobe. Instead of sticking with the same pieces, make sure you have a variety! That way you'll have various pieces of clothing that will be easy to put together to create a stunning ensemble for many different events.

DON'T invest in too many "trendy" pieces, because they will come and go.

Instead, invest in just a few trendy outfits that you can either give away down the road or use as part of another outfit when they go out of style. For example, a color blocked dress (see to the right as an example), may be very chic and trendy right now, but this trend will come and go. Obviously it's fun to invest in trends because they are stylish and you want to look your best. All we're saying is that you don't want to transform your closet into only trendy clothing items because then you'll be stuck with only trendy fashion apparel. That may not sound bad right now, but later on you will want to get rid of out dated styles when the trend loses momentum.

DO have clothing that's colorful and feminine.

Depending on your style, feminine lace, ruffles, and florals never seem to go out of style. If they are used sparingly, you will be able to apply sweet elements to your look every single day. Ruffly dresses that were in last year are still in now and the same goes for floral patterns.

Colors are also trendy right now, but the good news is that colors are always here to stay. During the spring and summer is definitely a time to play with colors and have fun.So why not brighten up your wardrobe and wear that hot pink dress you've had your eyes on?

DON'T try to be someone you are not by wearing clothing that makes you uncomfortable.

There are some styles that may not fit your taste, so why wear them? Feeling comfortable in an outfit that you plan on wearing is important - don't fall into the mentality that you have to wear something  just because everyone else is wearing it. This may sound juvenile, but the reality is we live in a trendy nation and women become influenced by style and think that is only what they can wear. This couldn't be farther from the truth because you can invent your own style based on what you feel great in. So be yourself and wear what you love!

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