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4th of July Outfits for Patriotic Parties

red, white, and blue

The 4th of July is this Friday already, can you believe it? If you want to look your best it's time to plan out your holiday ensemble, before Friday arrives. Planning ahead with your 4th of July outfit will make it easier to just get ready and do your hair and makeup right before those patriotic parties. If you're not sure what to wear here are some ideas. Be sure to make it comfy, chic, and cool -- it's warming up out there!

Shorts and a Tee-Shirt

4th of July outfit

Okay, so you probably just read the sub-heading and thought "boring!" But before you judge, a pair of shorts and  a favorite tee-shirt are super comfy and practical to wear on the 4th of July. If you want to make this ensemble creative, there are shorts with floral designs and shorts with lace cut-outs. There are also tee-shirts that you can find with designs on them such as a US flag. Make this outfit your own but remember if you're headed out to watch the fireworks you'll want to stay cool, so wearing a tee-shirt and shorts for your 4th of July outfit will keep you cool and you can still make this outfit your own. Finish up your silhouette with a gorgeous hairstyle: a top knot!

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a little bit dressier than a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, and it will still keep you cool. Wear a maxi with a pair of heels or flats and dress up for a nice dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriends. A maxi dress is also easy to wear while sitting on a blanket in the grass. If you were to wear a mini skirt, for example, it would be a lot more challenging to sit and chat. You'd be too worried about showing too much skin. A maxi dress is stretchy and will still keep you cool. Look stylish and sweet in a dress that's fun to wear during the 4th of July.

Go with Red, White, and Blue

4th of July outfit 4th of July outfit via Nasty Gal:

Do you love this patriotic holiday? Show your American pride by wearing a red, white, and blue 4th of July outfit. You don't have to stand out that much by going overboard with these three colors. Make it simple by wearing a red dress, white shoes, and a blue necklace. Or, you can wear a tunic top that has all three colors on it and a pair of black leggings. It's fun to show off patriotic colors during this fabulous holiday.

Don't forget about your will you style it? Whether it's with mermaid waves, a clip on ponytail, a relaxed updo, or a Elsa braid, be confident in your look and have a safe and stylish holiday!

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