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Extensions and Volume: Our Favorite Rihanna Styles

Short, long, curly, straight, red, black, blonde… Rihanna has had just about every hairstyle in the book, and she’s looked fabulous with them all. Rihanna has cultivated a personal style where she makes even the most edgy hair look chic and stylish – and that’s just what her fans expect. She truly is a trend-setter. Her perfect skin, beautiful eyes, and gorgeous face-shape give her a look that can pull off just about any hairstyle. You don’t have to be Rihanna or have her hair texture in order to pull off some of these high-fashion, trendy looks. All you need are some hair extensions such as our extensions from our Queen Collection. Here are a few of our favorite Rihanna looks:


Ri Ri

For one of her more conservative looks, Rihanna chose long, loose curls in an effortless style, with a natural hair color. Even these classic curls look edgy on this stunning songstress, because of the bright dress and lips. The great thing about classic, glamorous hair is that you can pump up the look with makeup and fashion. For this look, use long extensions for volume and shape, and vary the width of your curls to add some natural shape. Shake our your hair and spray a strong holding hairspray to prevent the curls from falling.


red hair

Though it’s not the shortest we’ve seen Rihanna’s hair, this style is shorter than many of the long styles Rihanna is famous for. This chic little cut would look too conservative if not for the hot red color lighting up her locks. Hair extensions aren’t just for creating length – they are also excellent for creating the intense volume you see in this style. Choose short extensions or clip in volumizers that match the texture length of your hair, and be sure to match the color exactly. With short hair, it’s especially important to match texture.


blonde Rihanna

With all the different hairstyles and colors Rihanna has had, someone should really ask her if blondes do have more fun. She should have enough experiences saved up with each different hair color to know. Regardless of the answer, we think that this sexy, fringe hairstyle is super fun. Blonde clip on extensions are used to create the amazing volume and max length. The style is so easy to create, using a flatiron to shape individual pieces after blow drying with a volumizing mousse to create that intense volume. Also be sure your bangs are at the perfect length to create sexy fringe.
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