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Earn Free Hair for Referrals!

Customer Referral Program, Earn Free Extensions!


We've come up with a plan to help you get your hair extensions for free... that's right, FREE! All you have to do is refer your friends and family to us. Here's exactly how the program works:

  1. Contact us for your special code
  2. Give it to your friends and family
  3. Have your friends and family purchase from us
  4. Each person gets you a $5 credit, 10 people get you a $20 bonus
  5. The person you give the code to gets $5 off a $100 purchase
  6. After 20 people, you have a $140 credit
  7. Buy your hair!

This is an easy way to get you hair at a very discounted rate, if not for free. The word about Perfect Locks quality and customer service spread like wildfire as it is... it'll be easy telling your friend, coworkers, and family members about the discount. Your friends can also hand out the code, you get the credit! Best of all, the person you refer gets a credit too, everybody wins!   We'll keep track of how many times your code is used.  Learn more about the program here

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