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Don't Be a Liar - Wear Hair Extensions that Evoke Truth {Inspired by the Pretty Little Liars}

How do you gain inspiration to find gorgeous locks that fit you and your personality? It's simple really. You look to your favorite TV shows to gain inspiration and many times you find yourself wishing you could have a similar hair style just like your favorite character on TV. One such show is Pretty Little Liars. All of these pretty liars have stunning hair - don't you think?

Even though it may seem challenging to pull off their look, with some great ingredients (truthful ingredients), you can certainly wear a look like this and be the star of your own hit television show. Here are the ingredients that you need to achieve a Pretty Little Liar's hair style:

Hair Extensions -

If your hair is short and you want some length, look no further than our very own hair extensions. Yes, volume can be created with your very own hair - but it's the hair extensions that will create the volume that you need and not to mention shiny locks that you'll never want to end.

For instant volume go for a Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Weave and you won't even have to curl your hair! If you'd like to start out with straight locks and curl them occasionally you can always have a Straight Virgin Indian Hair Weave, which will still give you sleek and soft locks. However, you'll just to have to style straight hair extensions for a curly blow out like the Pretty Little Liars hair looks.

Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna also require other ingredients in order to get their flawless liar look right. Here they are:

Hair Serum -

Used sparingly, hair serum will smooth down flyaways and prepare your hair for hair straightening or light blow drying. With hair extensions you don't want to blow dry your hair too much - you don't want to dry them out! But - if you do decide to use a blow dryer use a round brush while using it and dry your hair and make it full. The serum will help protect your cuticles and will keep the flyaways at bay simultaneously.

For even more volume you can try flipping your hair over and applying serum there as well. But don't overdo it with the hair dryer or serum - remember you don't want your hair to get dried out or damaged or too oily either. There's a happy medium to find.

Curling Iron-

Curling irons can truly work wonders, but in order to create a look like Emily has, for example, you'll need to know how to use your curling iron properly.

1. Create waves by diving your hair up into different sections. Section by section use the curling iron to curl each part vertically. A 1" barrel curling iron is preferred. Start at mid-length and work your way to the ends.

2. Reverse each section of your hair as you curl it. This way your waves won't go in the same direction and this will create an Emily style that can't be replicated. This also will look elegant and natural, exactly how you should want it.

3. Last, don't curl the top part of the hair on your head. Leave the top section uncurled and create more volume with your waves and layers - you'll love the look that you're coming up with.

What do you think of your Pretty Little Liars inspired hair style? It's time to get honest and realize that with hair extensions, smoothing serum, a curling iron, and some lovely waves, you'll be a girl who will never lie. In fact, you'll be telling the truth when people ask how you got your fantastic hair style.

Pretty Little Liars and how to get all of the girls' gorgeous locks is all of the truth that you will ever need.

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