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Don't Allow Rain to Rain on Your Parade, or Perfect Locks

Rain is something magical and beautiful. However, when you are trapped at home while it is raining cats and dogs during the last days of summer when in many states the monsoon season hits, it can get rather frustrating. No one likes to go out wrapped in warm clothes and holding an umbrella while trying to stroll through the farmer’s market. At the same time, it's not fun being stuck indoors either. Going outside means your beautiful straight hair and straight extensions may get frizzy too, which is not what you prefer for your pretty locks! We need motivating ideas to brighten our rainy days and keep our hair perfect no matter the weather.

Here are a few more tips on how to get through the monsoon season with fashionable tips and tricks, even when we are stuck at home:

rainy days Rainy days via:

1 – Make hot chocolate with marshmallows and cuddle up on the sofa with your favorite blanket. Put your hair up and treat it to a hair mask if time allows. It’s an easy way to relax and forget that it’s wet outside. Tea or coffee work, too.

2 - Look at your bookshelf and pick the books you haven’t read or wanted to re-read. Read a book about hair -- you'll learn new hairstyles and how to keep that hair frizz at bay during the rain days ahead!

3 – Just like your books, look at your movie collection and pick a few films you’d love to watch again. Perhaps an old Audrey Hepburn film will inspire to experiment with a pretty new hair do'. Holding a warm drink in your hand and watching a fun comedy with fashionable characters will immediately bring a smile onto your face and hair inspiration to your mind.

4 – Take your favorite rain boots out and put on your fashionable rain jacket and head on out. You bought those boots and jacket for a reason and not just because they were cute. Walk around the corner and back but make them wet at least once. It will be fun.

5 – Pamper yourself by having a home-spa day.  Take a bubble bath and wash your hair. This is a good time to make your hair clean and perfectly styled for the week ahead. Next, scrub your feet exfoliate your skin, listen to your favorite music, lit some candles, paint your nails, use your favorite body lotion you neglect to use on a daily basis, and have fun.

6 - Catch up with your friends and family. We live in a hectic world so it is important to stay in contact with loved ones. Call them, send them an email and attach a photo, or a fun article about fashion you found that reminded you of them. This won’t take long, but will give you a chance to reconnect.

If none of these tips help you get over a rainy week then try online window-shopping. You don’t have to buy anything. Just look through your favorite stores’ websites and maybe you will find inspiration and even a perfect summer outfit or dress.

Rainy days can be frustrating but they can be fun as well. Imagine yourself in a maxi dress, a beach hat and a favorite drink in hand! Now that your house is clean and reorganized and your tresses are all clean, you are definitely ready to move beyond the rain. Stay inspired to try new hairstyles and work on being a perfect Lockette. ;)

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