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Date-Friendly Style: Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe for the Perfect Date

date outfit Date outfit via http://www.pinterest.com/pin/568649890420749160/

Whether you’re going out with someone for the first time or have been in a committed long-term relationship, it’s important to look your best for your partner – especially on date night. Date night is a great excuse to showcase your assets and feel sexy while having some fun and spending time with someone you care about (or think you could care about). Certain dates require a certain level of sophistication – if you’re going to the theater or an opera, obviously you should elevate your look to match the formality. However, for a casual date, it’s best to play it cool, chic, and sexy. Here are a few tips on how.


Be sure your hair is well groomed and healthy. If you need to touch up some roots or clip in some extensions, date night is a great opportunity to take the time. Be sure your style is well maintained but effortless. If you’re going on a date to a moderate-level restaurant, to an arcade, or to a movie, you don’t want to overdo it. Use volumizer extensions for volume and a bit more length, but if your date is used to seeing you looking more natural, be strategic with the extensions. Add some volume, but wear your hair in a relaxed style. Make sure you still look like you.


mink eyelashes Wear Mink Eyelashes for instant beautiful eyes! Image via http://weheartit.com/entry/44020870

If you’re going out for dinner in the evening, you could consider using some mink eyelashes to emphasize your eyes, but go easy on the lashes if you’re meeting up in the daytime or at a casual venue. There’s a difference between daytime and nighttime makeup for a reason – daytime makeup should be fresh, light, and effortless. Think neutral colors and light shading, with cheerful lip gloss. Nighttime shades are much more dramatic with smoky eyes, deep lip color, and contouring. Choose makeup appropriately.


What you wear is important, because it should reflect your personality, emphasize assets, hide imperfections, and make you feel comfortable. If it’s a first date, it’s especially important to feel confident in what you’re wearing. If you have trouble walking in the highest of high heels, ditch them, no matter how good they make your legs look. A nice cocktail dress will almost always suffice for a dressy occasion, and dark jeans, a flowy top, and cute shoes will look glamorous for just about everything else.
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