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Creative Ways to Cut Back on Cost for Your Next Fashionable Hair Cut

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Getting your hair cut, trimmed, and colored can be a lot of money. If you have a bob or another type of style that needs refreshing more often than not, maybe it's time for you to be creative and discover ways to cut back on cost. Don't worry - you can still get your hair done by the professionals. However, there are some steps that you can take to help cut back on the daily expenses of hair cuts. Here's how.

Be a Hair Model - Why Not?

Did you know that you can get your hair cut for free by being a hair model? Many top salons have hair stylists who need to experiment and try out the latest styles and trends. This means that they need a willing person to experiment on their hair. If you constantly need a new look or just love to see how your hair can look with different styles, this might be the ticket for you to save money. Call your local hair salons and inquire to see if they accept hair models.

Coupon Clippings - Yes, They Work!

Coupons are everywhere right now and if you head to your local grocery store you better believe you'll find a newspaper or local paper that has tons of listings. Listings mean that there will most likely be coupons because a new salon will want to get people in the door to get the word out and increase their business. Maybe you'll come across a fabulous coupon and end up getting a haircut for 50% off for your first visit! They may also have a refer a friend program that would also save you money. Be aggressive and find coupons that can save you big bucks.

Discover New Salons

Similar to coupon clippings, most of the time you'll find new salons that have just opened, offering great deals. This means that they will have discounted rates, great incentives, and ready and available stylists that would love to cut and style your locks.

Beauty School Volunteering

How do you think hair stylists in training learn how to cut and color hair? If you're not afraid to go to great lengths (literally), then make a list of local beauty schools. Call them and see if they need locks for experimentation and trimming. Yes, this may sound scary, but don't worry. A licensed stylist will most likely be standing by to make sure that the stylist in training is doing everything correctly. If someone isn't standing by request for an experienced person. You are after all volunteering your time and your hair!

So as you can see there are many ways (if you are creative), to save money. Every haircut doesn't have to be lots of money. If you are willing to sacrifice your fun chatting time with your normal hair stylist, you just might be able to cut back on expenses and still come home with a fabulous hair cut to boot.

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