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Creating a Braid Headband with Hair Extensions

One hot look that will transition well from summer into fall is a long, full head of hair with a braided headband that looks like your locks have been wrapped around your head. The braid headband adds some class to your look but also keeps your hair out of your face for those days at the beach when you don’t want to deal with it. Still look fabulous at the beach or when you're at the office. This look is perfect when you need a unique style that will turn heads, but you can’t spend much time on your hair in the morning.

Here’s how to achieve that glamorous look:

Katy Perry braid

Prepare Your Hair and Extensions

If you have long hair, choose the biggest hot rollers you can find, which will just add a graceful wave to your hair and increase fullness. Shorter hair should use medium to thin sized hot rollers, or simply go through piece-by-piece and add a bit of curl with a curling iron. Create just enough curl to add a boost to your ‘do. Once the hot rollers have cooled, shape waves with your fingers, and spritz a light hold hairspray. Curl a few hair extensions to match the wave of your natural hair.

Creating the Braid Headband

Once you’ve clipped in the extensions into your hair, take four more that are not yet clipped into your hair. Hold them together near their clips, and turn the clips so they’re all facing the same direction. You’ll need them to easily clip into your hair. Put a clear elastic hair holder near the clips. Place the clips end under something heavy, and braid the extensions together, creating one long braid. When you’re done braiding, put another clear elastic band at the end to finish the braid.

Securing the Braid Headband

If you’d like, pull your bangs back under the braid headband, or style them forward to peek out from under the band. Clip all four clips on the end of the braid behind your ear, hidden behind your hair that is down. Place the rest of the braid on top of your head, over until it reaches behind the other ear. Take two bobby pins and secure that end behind your ear, smoothing your down hair over it. Use another bobby pin to secure the braid at the top of your head, hiding it inside the braid.
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