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Conquering Humidity on a Holiday Weekend with Anti Humidity Hairspray

If you're able to get away this weekend and enjoy the sun or maybe even head to the beach, you're going to have to fight with some humidity. Humidity is great for your skin - it keeps it moist and slows down the aging process, which is what we love about the wetness in the air. However, humidity is super annoying for your hair, right? It not only creates unneeded frizz, it takes super straight hair and makes it curly.

Instead of styling your hair straight when you are in a humid climate, it's a good idea to make it curly and use some anti-humidity hair products that will keep your curls in place. The idea isn't to fight with the humidity, but go with it. By going with it, your tresses will look lovely and you won't feel annoyed if your straight locks all of a sudden become messy and frizzy.

A good hairspray will certainly help you with your quest to loveliness. Aqua Net Professional Hairspray Extra Hold has received great reviews, and it's easy to see why. It creates a strong hold without making your hair feel sticky or crunchy and it will maintain your hairstyle for up to 6 hours with only creating minimal frizz.

Master frizz even further with John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm - Hold Hairspray. This hairspray will fight the humidity by keeping your locks firmly in place, without creating more frizz. However, be wary that this spray has gotten some mixed reviews. Some say that it makes their hair sticky or crunchy, but perhaps that is just how it's supposed to be to keep the frizz away? We'll let you be the judge.

Nexxus is another brand that offers an anti humidity hairspray. Since this product is considered to be more lightweight than other hairsprays, you can expect a relaxed hold on your curls. This is ideal with you want to go for the beachy look - laid back curls that aren't too crispy because of sticky hairspray. That's not fun. Find Nexxus Maxximum Styling & Finishing Mist and mist your locks into place.

Now that you're aware of some anti humidity hair products to try, it's time to have some fun this holiday weekend! What do you have planned? If you're at the beach be sure to use sunscreen even if it may be overcast. You never know the power of the sun rays even though it is overcast outside!

Also - going back to your hair, take care of it and protect it with hairspray and other quality products that will lock your curls into place and protect it from the sun simultaneously. Don't be concerned with a little bit of frizz - messy is in right now and it's okay to let your curls go wild. You'll be a beach babe with amazing hair and a glowing summer look.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

-Perfect Locks

One thought on “Conquering Humidity on a Holiday Weekend with Anti Humidity Hairspray”

  • Danidjj

    try Climate Control Anti Humidity's not a hairspray with hold but a spray that uses a unique water repelling polymer (like oil is to water) to create a residue-free shield to insulate the hair from humidity.  You use this after you are completely finished styling your hair using whatever you normally use.  This is the last thing you apply to create the shield.

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