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Perfect Colors to Complement Your Skin Tone

As we discussed recently, knowing your skin’s undertones can help you completely transform your look. Choosing the right shades for your clothing and makeup makes all the difference between looking tired or older than your age and looking youthful, energetic, and vibrant. So here are the basics!

Foundation and Concealer

Determining your skin tone is especially important for buying these products, since foundation, concealer, and pressed powders are supposed to mimic your skin color in a more even, smooth application. So make sure you know whether your skin in warm, cool, or neutral before hitting the cosmetics aisle.

Most makeup brands offer foundations in all three skin tones with a variety of color combinations; there may be a Warm Honey and a Neutral Honey, a Neutral Dark and a Cool Dark, as well as Pales, Lights, Mediums, and Fairs in all tones. The best way to make sure you choose the right color is to compare a bit of the product to the skin on the inside of your wrist (yes, there again). The skin on the inside of your wrist sees less sun than your face, and is thus closer to your natural skin tone. Coverage that matches here will also match your neck – avoiding that two-toned look – as well as your face in winter and fall, when tans tend to fade with less sun exposure. Dab on a bit from a tester and blend in, or simply hold the bottle next to your wrist. The color that best matches is the color you ought to take home.

Lips, Eyes, Cheeks, and Clothes

In general, neutral skin tones can get away with almost any color, so our discussion here will focus on what warm and cool girls should wear.

Cool-skin tones look best in blue-based jewel tones like deep purples, reds, greens, peacock or royal blue, or black. Icy, pearlized, or pure whites and colors also flatter cool-toned skin, so a frosty lip gloss might be a good idea, as would a berry-colored lipstick, emerald eye shadow or eyeliner, or a light touch of plum-colored blush.

Warm skin tones, on the other hand, tend to appear sluggish and washed out when paired with these types of rich colors. Instead, try earthy hues like gold, peach, coral, orange, bronze, sage green, or gold, or others with a yellow base. Pastel colors like powder blue or light pink can also work, depending on the actual shade (lightness or darkness) or your skin.

In general, the very darkest and very palest complexions should opt for makeup colors with less contrast to the face, since their beautifully-unique skin is already attention-grabbing, while those closer to the middle of the spectrum can strive for more high-impact looks. This way, you can catch people’s eyes without looking overly-made-up or clownish - the best way to do it!

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  • enrolled agent cpe

    I remember trying on a make up which I really loved when I saw someone wearing it. Sadly, it turns out that it doesn't go well with my skin complexion. Good thing the lady at the beauty counter helped me out to find the right one for me.

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