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Chic or Freak?: How to Wear a Headband the Right Way

In elementary school, you may have worn a headband by brushing out your long, crimped locks and stuffing a bright, plastic band at the top of your head to hold the hair away from your face. Depending on your hair type, it may have fallen flat or curved out away from the headband, like floppy Spaniel ears. In adult life, many women shy away from this time-tested accessory, for fear it will make them look too childish, too frumpy, or, heaven forbid, too much like a Spaniel. It’s a shame to let such a versatile accessory go to waste. Like most other styles, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

flower headbandThe Flower Child

If your look is slightly bohemian, play it up with a simple but lovely headband. Part your hair in the middle, wearing it long and down your back. Find a beautiful headband that goes full-circle and has a bit of stretch to it. Choose a simple or neutral print for a subtle look, or go all out with a bright color and pattern.

If you choose a bright color and pattern, consider making it your only accessory to keep an effortless, understated style. Place your headband on top of your head like a crown, ensuring that it rests just below your ponytail line in the back and right at the beginning of the hairline in front.

The Swept Back Up-Do

A simple or jeweled headband is a stunning addition to any up-do. Dress it up with rich fabrics or sparkly textures for an elegant evening, or dress it down with a brightly colored, printed scarf or bandana for a day in at the beach or farmers’ market. If you’re committing to the day look, just make sure to balance the look with modern accessories to prevent looking too costume-y.

The Girl Next Doorthin

A thin, classic headband can still work with hair worn down. Just be sure to place it in a way that emphasizes your beautiful face and hair, not your bright accessory.

Part hair on the side and smooth bangs into place before donning the headband. That way you can control and smooth the style of your hair without the headband deciding for you.

For a twist, stay away from cardigans or baby doll dresses while wearing this style, so you don’t appear too young or innocent. Grab a leather jacket, a short lace skirt, or a sexy tank top to complete the look.

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