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Celebrity Spotlight: Solage Knowles and her Hair Evolution

The beautiful Solange is an American recording artist, actress, model and DJ. You may know her because she's a sister to Beyonce, but she's paving her own way to success after the break up of the well known group Destiny's Child. She has released two studios albums: Solo Star in 2003 and Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008. Sol-Angel peaked at number nine in the US Billboard 200 chart.

Solage didn't stop at singing, which she started pursuing professionally at the age of 16. Aside from recording, Knowles has now ventured into film, modeling, and entrepreneurship. She recently co-launched the junior apparel collection Deréon.

Throughout the years Solage has pulled off some gorgeous hair styles, from curls, waves, to straight hair. We have to wonder how she pulls it off and secretly think she has hair extensions from time to time.

What do you think?

Here's our guess in regards to what hair extensions she uses while she's about town and promoting her fabulous singing career and fashion lines.

This is besides the point, but did you know that Solage also helps with non-profit organizations? Not only does this singer and actress have beautiful locks, she has a lovely heart too! :)

But back to her hair style...For this hair style Solage could have incorporated a curly virgin Indian hair weave for this fabulous look. She looks amazing with her flowy black top and curls. The ruffles on the sleeves are a perfect addition to her glowing face and curly hair!

Curly extensions are very romantic and even fun. Wear curls while heading to a film debut or on the walk way like Solage. Even if you are just relaxing on the weekend curls are easy to form after getting out of the shower because you let them dry naturally and use minimal hair product!

If you need a switch up during the winter time now is the perfect time to wear a curly hair weave that complements your complexion and beautiful ensembles that you're excited to wear.

We have to admit that straight hair is equally as fun. Solage pulls off another stunning hair style with large bangle earrings and a slouchy tee in the picture to the left. So we have to pose the question again: hair extensions?

We think she definitely has extra length to her hair so she most likely invested in a straight virgin Indian hair weave that is at least 18" in length. The added length to her hair looks amazing and paired with her ensemble she manages to transform a casual look into a sleek and sultry outfit. We're dying to know what shoes and pants she is wearing to see how it goes with her entire look!

Whatever she wears Solage manages to shine with a beautiful smile and great outlook on life. She does a great job at styling her hair (whether it's styled by a professional or not) and her locks shine from every angle. She most definitely takes the time to care for her hair and it certainly shows.

We like Solage and think she's just as great as Beyonce. Who needs to be compared to their sister anyway?!

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