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Celebrities of All Ages are Unafraid of a few Streaks of Color in Their Hair

Hot pink streaks or tips are not just for “rebellious” teenagers at rock concerts anymore! Celebrities of all ages are sporting all shades of the rainbow. Sometimes it’s just a few streaks of semi-permanent color, sometimes its dip dyed hair extensions with the tips all one color. Sometimes the colorful strands are clipped in hair extensions, sometimes celebrities seek out stylists to literally dye a few strands. This trend in “unnatural” hair color can be as tame or bold as you want as well as temporary or permanent. There are definitely different levels of extreme possible with this trend ranging from Lady Gaga’s unforgettable purple, yellow, and pink wigs to Lauren Conrad’s tie dye rainbow hair extensions to January Jones’s subtle pink streaks. If you’re feeling bold, give this trend a try!

Subtle Streaks:

If your hair is a lighter color, you have to be careful when applying streaks of color because the color will show up strong against a light background. If you want to get a look similar to January Jones’s, add streaks of a semi-permanent color and wash your hair a few times to fade the color. If your hair is darker, pick a brighter color so it will show up in your hair. If you don’t want to dye your hair, you can have a stylist add a few colorful strands to your locks.

One Step Up:

Recently Britney Spears decided to prove that colorful hair isn’t just for younger girls like her fellow “X Factor” judge, 20-year-old Demi Lovato. Spears, 30, added pink and blue hair extensions to brighten up her look. Her extensions literally extend past her actual hair a few inches. The best part about using colorful hair extensions is the fact that you can remove them as soon as you’re ready to change your look. If you want to take this look to the next level, add extensions in different colors for a tie dye look similar to a look Lauren Conrad rocked.

Going Bold:

If you’re feeling really bold, let Lady Gaga be your inspiration and try out a neon wig. Lady Gaga rocked this voluminous, ombre highlighter yellow, wavy wig at the 2011 Grammy Awards, but if you feel like you can pull off a similar look every day, then more power to you!

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