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Celebrate the New Year In Style: Creating the Perfect Red Lip

The perfect red lip is a timeless method for glamming up any old dress, and also is a great element to add to your style for upcoming New Year’s parties. You're already preparing to ring in the New Year with beautiful lashes, fantastic nails, human hair extensions, and sexy shoes. Take a few hints below for creating a lip that’s as exciting and sexy as you are.

Steps to Create the Perfect Red Lip

Exfoliate:  As with most art, the surface on which you paint is just as important as the painting itself. In the colder months, lips become cracked and chapped far too easily. To prepare your lips for the bright color, make sure they’re smooth and moisturized. Exfoliate lips using a damp washcloth and then apply a dab of chapstick.

Line ‘Em Up: Line your lips and then fill them in with a lip liner that matches the color of your lips, not the color of the lipstick.

Red as a Rose: Apply color with a tiny brush, starting at the center of the lip and moving outward, blending as you go.

The Skin That You’re In: How to Determine Which Red is Your Red

Different skin tones call for different shades of red lipstick. For pale complexions even out your skin tone using foundation first. You’ll want to look for blue-based reds. They have a richer blue or purplish undertone. If you’re struggling with what that means, ask any artist at department store who understands makeup colors. They’ll be able to show you the difference and recommend the right color for you.

Women with olive skin have warm undertones and can carry off just about any shade of red. Play around with a few different colors using inexpensive drugstore lipsticks. When you eventually land on the right color for you, consider investing in a higher quality brand to keep your lips lush and moisturized. Olive tones should avoid wearing bronzer with red lipstick to keep the look clean and fresh.

Dark skin tones can have a couple of different undertones. If you have gold undertones to your skin, try reds with a brown base, like brick or a rusty red. Blue-based dark skin should look for ruby reds with a bit of pink.

Be sure to whiten your teeth and enjoy your perfect, classy smile!

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