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Caring for Color-Treated Hair Extensions

Keeping color-treated hair vibrant is a challenge. Keeping it healthy is yet another one. Now try keeping color-treated hair extensions - which don't have ready access to the scalp and its natural oils - shiny and bright, and you could have quite a tussle on your hands. Fortunately, caring for color-treated hair extensions doesn't have to be so hard. A little extra TLC is all it takes to maintain great, colorful tresses.

Tip #1: Twice is NOT as Nice

As intuitve as it may seem, this point is super important: never re-bleach or re-dye your hair extensions yourself. In fact, try not to have even your stylist reapply dyes or hair colors to your hair extensions, especially not longer-lasting permanent and semi-permanent dyes. Bleaching and dyeing hair strips away the cuticle and dries the locks, leading to increased chances of breakage. And your hair extensions are not growing anymore, so they shouldn't need touch-ups. So instead of frequently applying and reapplying a semi-permanent rinse to your hair extensions, dye them with a high-quality, long-lasting permanent color the first time - and then leave them alone.

Tip #2: Use a Soft Touch

Prevent fading by using shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for color-treated hair. These formulas usually go easy on harsh chemicals, especially sulfates, and have a lightweight consistency that doesn't dull the hair's shine. As an alternative, you can use organic and homemade hair treatments with diluted recipes; simply add more water or oil to keep the acid level low. 

Another way to keep color-treated hair vibrant is to deep-condition more often (up to two times per week) and cleanse with a conditioning shampoo. The healthier your strands are, the more they hold their color and look gorgeous.

Tip #3: Separate Before You Lift

Never bleach, color, or otherwise apply chemical treatments to your new growth or roots with your extensions in. This is true for all types of hair extensions, from fusion strands to sewn-in wefts to braided hair. Not only will this leave you with unsightly skunk stripes or mismatched textures in the inevitable spots the chemicals won't reach, but it can lead to over processing and breakage. Always remove your hair extensions before getting a touch-up on your color, relaxer, or permanent.

Tip #4: Paint by Numbers

In general, if you've started with high-quality virgin Indian human hair extensions and a salon-level permanent hair color, fading is a sign that your hair extensions need replacement. But if you notice your hair extensions' color losing some of its pop a bit early, you can "touch up" the hue using temporary hair color, also known as "crazy colors" or "hair paint." As the name implies, hair paint simply deposits color on top of your locks without making any chemical changes or irritating the cuticle in any way. The results don't last long, but they're a great solution for an unexpected emergency. You get a shot of exta brightness without the worries of overprocessing!

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