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Bright Lipstick Challenge - Applying Lipstick Artistically

429756_345516075549313_60261971_nThis spring your challenge is to wear your bright lipstick artistically and beautifully. You may be wondering what artistic makeup is all about and what it means. To us it means allowing your bright lips to look fabulous paired with your fabulous outfits and it also means finding complementing shades of lipstick that will go with your locks. Meet these challenges and your lips will be uber-complete (and yes we just made that up) paired with your hair extensions. ;)

Exfoliate Your Lips

The first thing you need to know is that bright lipstick will draw attention to your lips, so it's important to exfoliate them first. Exfoliating your lips will make them smooth and lipstick will be easier to apply with your lips are smooth. If your lips are in tip top shape before applying bright lipstick your lips will shine.

Fill Out Your Lips Entirely

Whether you use lip liner is up to you, but with bright lips the general consensus is that you should fill out your lips all of the way with bright color, just not part of them. Don't be afraid to apply your lipstick a little bit outside your lip line as well, because this will make your lips full of color and not to mention you will have the perfect pout! Use common sense though - you don't want so much lipstick that you're looking like a clown.

Complement Your Outfit to Your Lipsbright lips

Since your bright lips will be the focal point it's a good idea to make your outfit fairly simple, or at least incorporate your bright lipstick color with one stand - out color that's on your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a plum skirt bright plum lips will look outstanding paired with your ensemble! Or, if you have a black dress wear red - hot lipstick. Use your best judgement and have fun with your outfit without overwhelming it with color since you already will have colorful lips.

Look for Lipstick that has Hyaluronic Acid

Bright lipstick highlights lip wrinkles if you do have lip wrinkles, so a tip is to look for lip colors that have hyaluronic acid. This acid will plump up your lips, hiding your wrinkles. Fuller and smoother lips is the goal and this can be better accomplished by finding lip products that come with this key ingredient.

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