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Blunt is Beautiful - Blunt Hairstyles that Will Keep you Cool During the Summer

It's warming up and we can't help but think of how it would be to have short hair when we're not wearing long and lovely hair extensions. Don't you think it would be nice for a change? If you're tired of being super hot during the summer because you have longer locks maybe a blunt hair style will be fun! Here are some ladies that we feel know how to pull of this look and we think you could definitely pull of this look off too!

Rhianna once went with a blunt hairstyle and we happen to think it suited her well. Actresses tend to go through hairstyles in record speed though, so by the time we actually get to check out their new tresses they are already on to the next hairstyle! But - this razor blunt hairstyle by Rihanna is definitely chic and sultry. We can picture her singing her heart out at a jazz club while sporting her new chic hairstyle. The blunt bangs also add to this great looking style - they add just the right amount of dimension that's needed for this singing songstress.

Katie Holmes Cruise (we still can't get used to the fact that she's married to Tom Cruise by the way), always knows how to pull off a great blunt hairstyle. With her different hair pieces and sweetheart of a face, her profile looks great with her hairstyles. Plus her casual style certainly matches her classy hair.

Check out this blunt hairstyle to your right. Whether her or her stylist styled this hairdo, it looks amazing. Her hair has many different layers and if you look closely you can see the different layers that create a nice looking blunt hair look.

To get Katie's blunt hairstyle use a flat iron to flip out each individual layer. Of course to get a defined look it's a good idea to pin up each layer, that way you will be sure to flatten each layer really well. Flip out your ends if you'd like and use a round brush to create extra body with your bangs if you don't want that area to be too straight.

Blunt can still be long if you want to keep your lovely hair extensions. Have your hair cut at one length and wear longer bangs too. That way you can hide your bangs or show them off if you'd like.

A longer blunt hairstyle will look great with bold and bright makeup - like Thandie Newton so cleverly pulls off in the picture to the left. Don't be afraid to wear bright red lipstick and your red lips will definitely look great contrasting with your darker locks.

We know that this hairstyle is longer, so it may not keep you as cool as you'd like during the summer time. But it still is a great hairstyle to try out! You can always pull your hair up in  ponytail if you really want to cool down, but don't forget to have fun with this style and straighten it to show off your blunt new look. After all, blunt is beautiful!

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