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Be Our Guest: Winning Hairstyles for a Wedding

Perfect Locks hairstyleDo you have weddings to attend this summer as a guest? If you do, you will no doubt want a beautiful hairstyle to fit the occasion! Whether you have a friend or family member that is having their wedding at the beach, outside in the mountains, inside a church, or in a backyard, there are different hairstyles appropriate for each location. Here are some stunning looks to get you started:

Casual Side Bun at a Cabin Location

Headed to a cabin for a weekend wedding? A cabin setting is absolutely romantic, especially if the mountains are in the background of a stunning and woodsy setting. Style your hair for the occasion and wear a casual side bun that can be dressed up with sparkly clips or bobby pins! For an added touch to your lovely side bun wear a pair of boots with your dress that will certainly go well with the scenic location.

Tousled Waves at a Beach Wedding

Remember this post? Mermaid waves are perfect for a beach wedding. The bride might be wearing mermaid waves too, but that doesn't mean you can't have tousled waves as well! Messy beach waves are ideal for a beach setting, especially if you have curly or wavy hair already because your hair will hold its curl even more near the ocean. If you opt for a straight hairdo' your hair will most likely go wavy, which is why it makes more sense to play with your waves instead! Use a hair cream product to define waves or a hair gel if you need more of a firm hold for your waves. To put emphasis on curls in the front of your face use a curling iron to touch up waves right before you head to the ceremony.

A Low Chignon at a Traditional Church Wedding

Wearing a modest outfit with a favorite pair of close toed high heels to a traditional wedding at a church? Go with a low chignon and a hair clip for a sophisticated look that will go perfectly with your dress. A church weddingchignon hairstyle is usually conservative and proper, so be sure to wear the appropriate attire. Your date may need to wear a suit and tie and in addition you should wear a dress that's not cut too low  in the front and also goes below or lands at your knees. Also bring a sweater that covers your shoulders if the church is very conservative.

A Ponytail for a Pretty Backyard Wedding

Ponytails are great for any occasion, especially for a casual outdoor wedding in a beautiful backyard! If you'd like your ponytail to have a little bit more body for this special backyard wedding, put your hair in a ponytail and curl your locks to create a voluminous look. Or better yet, use a volumizer and blend in your natural tresses with the volumizer to create a beautiful pony that's a lovely casual hairstyle. Now enjoy being a guest for a whimsical wedding and style and accessorize accordingly after your ensemble and hairstyle are complete!

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