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Bang Styles Without the Commitment!

clip on bangs

Bangs are the easiest way to update or change your look without having to make a drastic change to y our hair such as a new cut or color.  There are many popular bang styles, everything from feminine and flirty to dramatic and edgy.  However, if you have ever had bangs, you know one of the most difficult challenging things about them is growing them out!  Perfect Locks offers a clip on bang hair piece made of 100% virgin human hair that gives you the option of wearing bangs without the commitment of having to cut them.  Here are a few different bang styles you can create with this versatile piece.

Try being blunt!  After adding your clip on bangs, dampen them so you are able to pull the hair super flat against your head and using a very sharp pair of hair shears cut straight across.  Up the drama with a few drops of shine serum and flat iron smooth.  To keep this look edgy and modern, keep the length long so your eyelashes flutter against the hair.

clip on bangs

Soften your face with bangs that work well with long layers.  For this look,

follow the same steps as above but instead of cutting straight across with your scissors, create an arc shape.  The final look should be bangs that are longer at the edges but create a very flattering, face slimming arch across your forehead.  If you want to soften the look a bit further, angle the scissors vertically to the edge and cut little pieces of hair so the silhouette is still a straight bang but less blunt.

You cannot go wrong with sideswept , long bangs and for this look you won't even need scissors.  After clipping the bangs into place, simply brush them to the side and finger into place.  If the hair appears too thick clip on bangsto be natural, take a pair of thinning shears to the underside of the bang to remove some of the bulk.

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