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Argan Oil Provides a Natural Health to Your Hair

silkyHair news lately has been full of Moroccan oil and argan oil products, which seem to be some of the hottest hair sensations of the past few years. High-quality brands are launching different products with these ingredients to give you the best hair possible. Among these is our French Argan Oil, which we have carefully developed to provide you with quality products that give you the hold, volume, and style you need while maintaining a natural health to your hair. What girl doesn’t want touchably soft, yet perfectly styled hair to give that edge both professionally and socially?

New Products

Great products we have on our site are Hydrating Shampoo, Silk Serum, and we already mentioned the French Argan Oil. The names sound fancy enough, and the packaging is beautiful, but what do these products really do to enhance your hair routine and ultimately improve your life? It seems like our lives in the Western World are full of options for better, more convenient beauty routines, but often the series of options doesn’t actually give a woman what she needs to achieve her beauty goals. Let’s take a look at more products we'd like to sell in the future in addition to our Vital Hair Care line that we just mentioned. Many of these products below can provide wonderful features for your perfect locks.

Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray

We don’t often hear the words “oil” and “volume” in the same product. They seem counteractive, but this hairspray does indeed provide the nutritional elements of hair oil while volumizing flat hair. The producers say that the goal with this formula was to create volume and repel humidity – two major hair problems that many women face. The light formula dries fast without residue or stickiness, two hairspray elements we ladies like to avoid at all costs. In addition, it enhances shine and won’t build up on your hair, which is a great feature for women who don’t shower every day. You can find this particular product and the product below on Marc Anthony, who is a celebrity hair care specialist who develops quality products.

Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse

Mousse can be tricky, because while all girls want a bit of volume and texture, the wrong formula can be detrimental to soft hair by creating more crunch than natural style. This light-weight formula won’t weigh hair down but provides the va-va-voom volume most women want. The greatest thing about this mousse is that it was designed for many different hair types. The straight blow-out benefits from it, as well as wavy or curl hair types and styles. Give it a try and don't forget to check out our Vital Hair Care line to enhance your perfect locks, lockettes! ;)

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