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American Idol Fashion: Diva-Off with Mariah and Nicki

If you've been keeping up with American Idol you're probably not only fascinated and excited over all of the new talent, but you're also most likely caught up on the latest diva-off on this show as well. Mariah and Nicki both have very dominant personalities, so not only do they differ in opinion on the show, but their fashionable appearances (i.e. makeup and hair) couldn't be more different as well! Their fashionable looks and hair extensions will certainly get them far - even if they are polar opposites - but will their personalities clash so much that one of them will quit or get fired from the show? Well, time will only tell but for this post we're dedicating it to offering you fashionable ideas on how to look like Nicki or Mariah without having to be a judge on Idol! ;)

diva off

Pink Lipstick vs Neutral Gloss

Who's kidding? Nicki has the brightest and pinkest lips we've ever seen. Yes, her style may be outrageous, but it's actually full of confidence and very fun! If pink lipstickyou're looking for a bright pink shade like Nicki's, then we suggest finding a great shade from MAC (try Nicki's Viva Glam line) or another brand name you love. Not every brand has bright pink lipstick, so if you want Nicki's bright hue look for the perfect pink shade. However, to keep your puckers bright and colorful, be sure to exfoliate those lips prior to applying your lipstick because this will help your color stay on for a longer period of time.

In contrary, most of the times Mariah likes to go with neutral tones and lightly colored glosses that complement her beautiful skin and create a natural and dewy appearance that's full of light. After all, Mariah doesn't need to draw a lot of attention to herself because she already shines! Sometimes it wouldn't hurt if Mariah used a bit more color with her makeup, but then again we wouldn't want her to stand out as much as Nicki because that's just not this diva's style!

Blonde Tresses vs Colored Tresses

Rarely does Nicki Manaj wear her tresses without color, but we must say that we like her blonde extensions with pink streaks! It most definitely looks great with her pink lipstick and not to mention goes with her bold personality. On tint hair chalkAmerican Idol we've seen her with bright green and pink hair and also just blonde hair. We never know which color she will choose! If you love your curly blonde extensions but want to add some color to them that's only temporary, why not try Tint Hair Chalk? That way you can switch your tresses around anytime you want with any color thanks to chalk that easily washes out of your hair!

Mariah keeps her tresses blonde all of the time and we have yet to see her with another color like pink or blue. That's okay though because we like her blonde hair just how it is! Her hair is certainly long and lovely and we're left to wonder whether she incorporates wavy hair extensions as well while on the show. She probably does since her hair is really long and thick, which usually means there are hair extensions involved.

So who do you think won this American Idol diva-off? Stay tuned for a future diva-off in the future! ;)

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