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Add the Glam Factor to Your Ponytail with these DIY Steps

Even though an every day ponytail may seem quite plain, there are many ways to make a ponytail glam. So instead of feeling like you're not giving your hair the time it deserves to create a beautiful style, stick with your pony and add something extra. That way you won't feel badly that your hair is in a ponytail all of the time because now it will have something extra that's glam and stylish.

Twist Hair Around the Base of Your Pony

If you'd like to have a pony that's high on your head, make the look truly stand out by either taking a small section of your hair and twisting it around the base or braiding a section and then twisting it around the ponytail. To do this, separate a small section of your hair from underneath the ponytail. After you have the section of hair, braid it or twist it. Hold it at the end of the braid so that it doesn't unravel and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair elastic. Secure the end of the section of hair with a bobby pin to hold the braid in place and push the bobby pin into the underside of the ponytail. Finish the look with hair spray.

Curly and Chic Ponytail

Give your ponytail some pizzazz by adding some volume and oomph to the look. To get a ponytail that's full of body and curl, make a ponytail low and off to one side or at the nape of your neck. Next wrap small sections of your hair around the closed section of a curling iron. Your curls will be more relaxed as opposed to clamping your hair in the iron. After curling your locks, use your fingers to break apart the curls. This will add texture and create a relaxed and lovely look that you want to achieve. After the curls are broken apart, spritz your lovely pony with hairspray and fuss up the ponytail. You want it full and glamorous!

Add a Headband to a Low Ponytail

For some added style to a simple pony, you can also add a headband. However, make sure the headband is added to a low ponytail otherwise the look may come across as too sporty or youthful. A headband is great at keeping hair out of your eyes, but you'll still want to show some hair so that the headband isn't too tight. Have fun finding an embellished headband that's stretchy, fabric, or sits nicely on your head near your ponytail.

Now that you know how to glam up your ponytail, experiment with these styles and you'll be an expert ponytail hair stylist in no time! Whether your ponytail has curls, has twisted hair around the base or has a pretty headband, all of the looks will look ravishing when you go out and have fun.

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