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Achieving Jennifer Hudson's Confidence

Jennifer Hudson has not only graced America with her sweet smile, but has triumphantly overcome difficulties that no none should have to endure. Instead of becoming discouraged to the point where she could have easily given up and quit, she used her pain of losing family members from a horrible act of murder to strengthen her instead. She lost a ton of weight, produced more outstanding music, and is currently becoming a fashion icon and actress.

Jennifer is no underdog. She was first recognized on American Idol and went on to be widely known in Dreamgirls and even won an Academy Award for her role in this film! Today she is continuing to strive for excellence by releasing a new album called I Remember Me.

Plus, she obviously has amazing taste because you can tell that she most likely has a custom a weave in her hair in the above picture. Her hair looks silky and stunning with her purple dress. If you want to have gorgeous hair like Jennifer's, head on over to our Hand Tied and Machine Weft Custom Order page. We'd be happy to answer any questions and set you up with a custom weave that will make you look drop dead gorgeous.

Jennifer's style is no different. The way she holds herself today is represented in her timeless elegance. One has to wonder where her spunk and exuberance for life comes from. Despite the pain and heartache she has gone through, she has emerged a confident and classy woman. There are a few reasons why her confidence shines through and they may seem simple, yet they definitely carry her far.

1. Just Smile

Smiling seems like a simple task to accomplish, but today people can get so caught up in their daily lives that they forget to take the time to smile at a stranger walking by or even a co-worker. Smiling shows people that you are confident in yourself and not afraid to be friendly. For Jennifer, even though she has no doubt gone through trying times, her smile lets her fans and the media know that she's going to be just fine.

2. Take Care of your Body by Caring About Your Health

Like most obese Americans, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters: your health. Obviously some people cannot help being overweight. Perhaps they have a severe health issue. For those of us who can help it, however, it takes discipline and true appreciation of understanding how important your health is. Though we haven't personally read it, we are guessing that Jennifer Hudson wanted to control her fate by caring for her body.

She participated in Jenny Craig and lost several pounds. Because of her commitment to change, she visibly became even more confident in herself because she believed in herself enough to shed the weight. Now she has every right to flaunt her lovely self in a confident and sassy manner. She's definitely not afraid to try out new hair styles and we appreciate her great taste in hair weaves!

3. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Self confidence for women in our modern day and age is sadly hard to come by. With the constant tabloids and magazines, women feel even more pressure to be skinny. However, it's not about being the next thin woman. It's about being comfortable in your own skin and being at a weight that you know is healthy for you. Jennifer Hudson overcame tragedy by boosting up her self image by striving for excellence, achieving results, and breaking the mold. From Perfect Locks to you - we have no doubt that you can do the same.

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