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Accessorizing a Perfect Maxi Dress and Adding it to Your Summer Day Style!

Maxi dresses are not only comfortable, but they also work for a number of occasions, such as wearing one when you are headed to the beach, during a lazy afternoon, or even to work! Plus you can accessorize your maxi dress with various looks, depending on if you want your fashionable appearance to be laid back or dressed up. Here are some style pointers so you can find your perfect maxi dress and be a stylish fashionista along the way.

If you are headed to the office while wearing a maxi and want to dress up the ensemble, why not pair it with a black blazer? A current trend is to roll up the sleeves on a black blazer, which is great if you get warm throughout the day. Plus - it will also look fashionable since it is trendy to roll up the sleeves have way. Make sure the maxi dress that's underneath your black blazer is bright to offset the black. Also - don't be afraid to arrive to the office wearing a beautiful and bold dress - it will look amazing!

If you are looking forward to going on vacation, be sure to bring a maxi dress or two with you! A maxi dress is a wonderful piece of clothing to have with you during vacation because it will keep your legs warm during the evening when you take a long walk on the beach with your loved one. In addition, a maxi dress will also keep you cool because of its loose styling, it's perfectly styled for the wind to blow through it, allowing a perfect amount of air to keep you cool.

While on vacation you might get chilly in the evenings, so even though you have a maxi dress to keep your legs warm and cool simultaneously, you might want to cover up your arms. That's when a sweater comes in handy. Find a three-quarter sleeve sweater that will cover up just part of your arms for the perfect amount of coverage. Or - wear a full length sweater that will go down to the end of your arms, which will keep you warmer if you are more apt to get cold during the evenings at your summer retreat.

What about during a party? If you want to vamp up your style during a party, plan on wearing a glitzy maxi dress with high pumps to complete your look. For covering up your arms you may want to think about incorporating a shawl or elegant sweater. Depending on how formal the event is, decide on which dress and sweater will be perfect for the occasion and have fun putting together a stylish silhouette.

Let's not forget about the accessories! Maxi dresses go with many accessories and the best idea is to take a look at your maxi dress and assert the style. Is it already full of color? Then you might want to stick with minimal jewelry so that the entire look doesn't overwhelm. If you are wearing a basic maxi that's one color, it's time to bling it up with some jewels and color. Don't go all out, but perhaps including a cocktail ring and some bangle bracelets will add just the right touch.

No matter what kind of occasion you will be wearing your maxi dress during, make the maxi dress style your own and appropriate for the event. If you plan on wearing the dress to work, keep it more work appropriate. If it's the beach - have fun with your look and plan for the weather! For a party, incorporate lots of glitz. No matter what the occasion may be, have fun with your stylish silhouette and look forward to showing off your maxi dress and accessories!

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