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6 Hair Solutions for Fine Strands

If you're one of the millions of women who suffer from thin, hard-to-style hair, you're probably looking for ways to pump up the volume. Well, here are six ways to thicken and bodify your locks - or at least create the illusion that you have!

#1: Stick 'Em Up!

Use shampoos and conditioners that contain balsam. This plant extract stiffens hair and adds all-natural body without being drying. It also has a great affinity for hair cuticles and remains on the hair shaft well after the shampoo or conditioner has been rinsed off. Protein treatments also add strength and structure to fine locks.

#2: Snip Strategically

Obviously, thin hair is easiest to detect when it's worn long, straight, and free-flowing. The weight of long hair alone just pulls out every bit of curl you have, leaving locks lifeless and stringy. Short, choppy haircuts and layers, however, combat this problem. Short to medium-length hairstyles allow natural curls and waves to materialize, and layered tresses simply build in volume - like petticoats under a full skirt!


#3: Curl Correct

As mentioned above, curls and waves give fine hair dimension and body, while stick-straight fine locks simply tend to fall flat. So fine-haired ladies, skip the flat iron and check out roller sets, straw sets, curling irons, and other methods of getting defined ringlets or flirty waves. Whether dense coils or fat curls, these hairstyles add width to your style silhouette and create the illusion of thick, bouncy hair.

#4: Move in Shadow

Darker hair colors also add depth to your tresses; an all-over dark hair color can make your hair appear thicker and more solid. Go for a dark, glossy jet- or blue-black if your hair is naturally brown or off-black. Blonds and redheads can infuse a similar dimension of darkness to their manes with lowlights, which are just strategically placed chunks of darker hair hues.

#5: Take Root

An old remedy for fine, lifeless hair is to build volume from root to tip, either by using backcombing or hair spray. While neither tactic should be used on a regular basis (both can lead to damage if done repeatedly or incorrectly), these are just fine for special occasions or short-term looks. Follow our instructions for building a pompadour, or simply apply a bit of hairspray or spritz at the roots of each ringlet as you wet set or hot-curl your tresses.


#6: Clip Show

Last but not least, clip-on hair extensions are a surefire way to beef up those fine strands. Simply part off sections where you'd like to add more volume, then clip in hair extensions in whatever color or texture you'd like. In fact, adding lowlights or a bit of curl through your hair pieces is a great way to get even more bang for your buck - because there's no reason to go around with lifeless locks when you could have full, lively, perfect ones!

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