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5 Great Boycuts for the Power Woman

Remember the old Secret slogan, “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”? Well, that applies to more than just deodorant, ladies. As more and more women move into positions of power in the corporate world, government, and other industries, their time gets more and more precious. Gone are the days when you had time to primp in front of the mirror for hours. Today’s power woman is constantly on the go and needs a hairstyle she can manage quickly and easily. Also, as women age, shorter haircuts can “lift” the face and make you look more youthful. So what’s the solution? Short, easy haircuts that mimic the strong lines of men’s ‘dos but retain a feminine flavor! Here are five instant classics.

The Caesar Cut

What man in history evokes more of a sense of power than the one-time Emperor of the Western world, Julius Caesar? Haircuts emulating the Roman emperor’s coif have come in and out of style for centuries, and some of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men sport it. Keep the shortened, even fringe up front, but add a few more layers up top to make this low crop a hit for an empress in the making!

The Teeny-Weeny Afro

Going natural? Then you’ll have to make the Big Chop sooner or later. Why not go short in style with a soul-singer inspired mini-fro that highlights all your best features? The ultimate in low-maintenance style, all this look requires is a quick wash and go! Everyone from African supermodels to sexy, Neo-soul crooners has rocked this look, so you’ll have lost of inspiration to draw from. Add a shallow side part or work in a bit of curl-enhancing crème for an extra feminine touch.

The Justin Bieber

Admit it: whether or not you like his music, you kind of envy his hair. The teenaged pop singer’s mane has body, movement, and subtle highlights that any grown woman could adore. And the best part is that his look is basically a layered bowl cut that has been partially wrapped. You’ve got all the tools to recreate it here! So why not try it? Leave a bit of length at the neckline and snip the bangs into a more piece-y silhouette, and you’ve got an artsy, yet adult, look.

The Beatles Bob

An even simpler cut than the Bieber-bowl. For those with square, triangular, or oblong faces, this kind of round haircut can really soften or balance out your features. Try an update of the 90s “mushroom-cloud” haircut that leaves wispy hair at the nape and fuller lengths up top, or simply let bumped-under locks fall to the chin.

The Metro

Ultra-versatile and practical, this haircut works for women of all persuasions. The key is to cut hair spiky and short up top, then taper tresses super-short at the sides and back, often using clippers. For extra fun, taper out from the middle of the head, leaving the longest hair up the center and steadily cutting shorter toward the edges (sort of like a Mohawk, but not as extreme). This leaves plenty of room to play around with styles. Far from being locked in, you’ll be able to sport tousled hair, spikes, side-swept looks, faux hawks, and more!

Ready to make the big snip yet? If not, don’t worry; you can always do a practice run with a wig or full-head weave. If you like what you see, you can then cut your own hair – and then go long again with wigs or extensions!

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