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3 Summer Hairstyles You Need to Try - From Ponytails to Updos!

How do you like to style your hair during the summer time? Do you like it down so that when you're going to the beach it will blow in the wind? Or do you like it up so that you won't get overheated? No matter how you like to style your hair, there are many hairstyles that you'd probably like to try out and probably haven't thought of. It's pretty much limitless when it comes to styling your hair! Whether you'd like to embrace a high ponytail or go with an updo, there are many styles to try out. Here are some styles that we're loving and you'll probably love too.

Side Ponytail with a Braid - If you love braids and ponytails just as much as we do, why not try out a side pony with a braid on the bottom? To get this hairstyle, french braid or fish tail your hair, but only the bottom part of it. Without grabbing a lot of hair, start at the bottom section of your hair and braid to the side. It sounds harder than it is and we guarantee if you practice this hair style that you'll be able to pull it off! Only stick with grabbing a small section of your hair from the bottom. That way you'll be able to pull off a look like the picture you see to the left.

Longer hair is easier with this style because if your hair is short it is more likely to come out of the braid and ponytail. But - lose tendrils that escape out of a braid is usually very stylish, so perhaps medium length hair will work just fine for this style! After your braid is done, gather your hair on the other side and you'll have a lose ponytail that's beautiful. To finish off the look, curl your hair (that's a part of the ponytail), or perhaps you already hair curly or wavy hair extensions. If that's the case you are good to go!

Updo with a Scarf - Messy updos are easy to style and incorporating pretty accessories with your updo is even more fun! To get a messy updo tease your hair and gather it on top of your head. It's okay if it is extra messy because this is the style that you're going for! Once your hair is in a lose ponytail, start pinning up different pieces of hair around your ponytail. The idea is to great a messy updo that looks messy yet chic.

Use bobby pins to pin up each section of hair. After you've achieved the messy do' that you're going for, grab the scarf that you want to place in your hair. Color is fun so if you have a bright and bold scarf, don't be afraid to pull it out of your closet! Position the scarf in your hair with a few more bobby pins and you'll have a fun hairstyle that's gorgeous! Plus, it will keep you cool when you're out and about.

Ombre and Beach Waves - Ombre hair is definitely in this summer, whether it's severe ombre (meaning half blonde and half dark), or just having your roots show. Ombre is also classy looking and very chic! Combined with long and luscious hair, your hair will look lovely during the summer. If you have short hair and have been wanting a longer hairstyle, head on over to our site and check out our Virgin Indian hair extensions! Quality hair that's long and lovely will be a beautiful addition to your summer style. Plus - you can still have ombre in your hair if you wish.

So have you tried these summer hairstyles yet? If you haven't they'll definitely be a great addition to your style. Staying on-trend and being ready to have some summer fun will only add to a great style! If you try any of these hairstyles tweet us a pic! We'd love to see how your summer hair dos' turns out!

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