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3 Fab and Fashionable Gifts to Consider for the Holidays

If you're out of gift ideas for this season sometimes it's hard to to know what to exactly get your friends, family, or mother-in-law for that matter! You would like to give a loved one something they will really like, but you'd also like to be able to find it in a timely manner without searching high and low for the perfect gift. If you're flat out of inspiration and can't think of some simple fashionable gifts, here's a brief gift guide for your fashionable family members and friends:

For the Fashion Geek:

If you have a fashion geek or two in the family and they can't get off of their cell or iPad for a mere 2 minutes then the perfect gift to give them is an iPad case or cell phone cover! If you're not sure which model their phone is an iPad case is a better bet because the model usually stays the same size. A trendy case for a fashion geek is something he or she will absolutely love. The cases come in an array of colors and patterns, which makes it fun to pic one out that you'll know they will love. You can also have fun wrapping it up and surprising them with a present they'll most definitely use.

For the Casual and Chic Fashionista:

If your friend is casual yet chic, she's probably staying up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest fashion trends. Sequins are quite the item this winter time and so are hearts on sweaters, tops, and cardigans, so consider finding a trendy top that she'll love. If she's more casual than flashy don't purchase a top that's entirely made of sequins - go for a subtle number that has the perfect amount of sequins. A sequin heart in the middle of a tee-shirt, for example, is casual but very chic. She'll most definitely love a thoughtful gift that's on-trend for the winter time.

For the Foodie Fashionista:

Believe it or not but fashionistas can be into food! If your friend or family member stays up to date on fashion but likes to make delectable desserts that taste out of this world and look fashionable too, perhaps a darling apron is a nice gift idea. Another idea is a Milk Bar Cookie Mix or another fun mixture that makes cooking simple yet enjoyable. Find a food mix that's packaged to perfection, that way the fashionista in her will definitely love the presentation. Once she sees a glimpse of the fashionable kit of food that she's about to receive, she will be ecstatic to start baking away while looking fashionable to boot.

If you're still at loss about what to give friends and loved ones, ask their family members what they've been wanting. Or, why not just ask your friend what they'd like for Christmas? At least it will give you some ideas and that way you'll have guidance in regards to what the perfect present will be for a successful holiday gift exchange!

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