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15 Hair-Worthy Hairstyles to Try During the Month of August

It's August already?! Where is the year going? To make this month count, we came up with 15 hairstyles to try during the month of August. Since it's already the 9th of August, it's time to make up for lost time! You'll have to let us know which hairstyle is your favorite and which one you are looking forward to trying out the most!

1. Natural curls - Give your hair a break and go all natural! Either you can wake up with bedhead curls from a bun or put some styling lotion in your treses during the morning and you'll be all set!

2. Face Framing Waves - Do you have a large barrel curling iron? If you don't it's time to buy one! Create gentle waves for a face framing look that will appear stunning!

3. Slicked Back Pony - A slick ponytail is perfect for the summer time. Use a  smoothing product and slick back your mane for a tight and terrific hairstyle.

4. Middle Part on a Bob - Who says that a bob has to be styled with a side part? Part your hair in the middle and use a round brush to style your bangs and hair around your face. Tada!

5. Volumous Short Hair - Short hair looks amazing with volume. Use some moose and create a style that's full of volume and texture!

6. Pinned Back Crown - Pinning your hair partially back will not only keep your bangs out of your eyes, it will create a hairstyle that's lovely. Tease your crown and create a pinned back and sultry look!

7. No Frizz Hairstyle - Maybe you've got the curl but you're looking for the no frizz hairstyle too? Find an anti-frizz hair product that will tame your tresses and make them look stunning simultaneously.

8. Ombre-licious! - If you've been eyeing all of the bright pink and other colored tresses or more subtle blonde ombre hairstyles, why not try a new ombre hairstyle? You'll definitely love the color as fall time approaches!

9. No Part - If you're tired of having an official part in your hair, don't part it! Do a zig-zag part or use gel for an undone crop during the month of August.

10. Blunt and Beautiful  Bangs - Need a switch? Try having blunt bangs. They will definitely add definition to your face and something extra to your hairstyle. You  will look on-trend too!

11. Top Knot - Feeling warm? Twist your hair all up and create a top knot. It's surely to look stylish and keep you cooled down too.

12. Faux-Hawk - If you're into a rocker chick look, you might want to try a faux- hawk. Just be aware that it will take a while to grow your hair back if you should decide to shave either one or both sides of your hair!

13. Shoulder Length Tresses - If your hair has been worn to the middle of your back for a long time now, try cutting it to your shoulders. This will create  a medium hair length hairstyle that will freshen up your look a bit.

14. Straight and Sleek - For a fun night out on the town, straighten your locks and use a smoothing lotion to lock in the straight tresses. The straight hairdo' will look smashing with a pair of jeans and sweet looking top!

15. Beautiful Braids - From fishtail braids to your everyday braids, braids are really hot this summer! Create a glam hairstyle that you will love with a fishtail braid (or multiple braids!) for an easy and chic look.

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