Perfect Locks Extension Review

April 21, 2011 by perfectlocks

---CORRECTION!!----- I misread something on the return policy! You CAN take the hair out of the plastic bag and inspect it completely. It just can't be untied from it's bundle!!! :) Sorry about that confusion! -------

Hi there!

The extensions I was sent to review (yes they were free, but I also bought two more sets after) were the #2 Straight i-tipped 22" fusion extensions Glue Sticks (brown - 12 sticks) $19.95 (I used 2 1/2 for a full installation)

The extensions I bought were: #1b wavy i-tipped 22" fusion extensions.

You can find the extensions by going to Products -- Fusion Indian Hair Extensions And the gluesticks & other accessories are under Products -- "Supplies and Accessories"

Average length of time the extensions stay in: 3-6 months

Prices vary depending on length, so go to: to see a list of prices :)

As for video tutorials, the following videos helped tremendously! Thank you to them!!

Here are the notes I made before installing the extensions (in case they might help :) )

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number of rows: 5 1 1/2 or 3 cm above first row

checkerboard pattern to strand beneath it

3 cm above the hair line at the base of the neck amount of natural hair attached should match extensions amount

when you roll glue, should look like a grain of rice after

number of extensions per row: 10-14 first row - at base of head 12-16 14-18 18-24 in 4th and 5th above ears

2 rows above ears 3 rows below ears

54 min strands 72max strands

quarter inches or half centimetre between each extension

half an inch between i-tip and scalp

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Thanks for watching !! :) Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment or sending a PM.