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Customer Testimonials

Dont just take our word for it, read what our satisfied customers say about our Perfect Locks products
and customer service. Read testimonials from hairsytlists, salons, and individuals from all over the world.

A+++ Indian Hair

Tuesday 02 November, 2010

This hair is fantastic! The best I have ever purchased. I have been getting invisible braids for many years and I have never been very satisfied with the quality of the hair. I have ordered from various other websites and I have always been somewhat disappointed. That is...until I found Perfect Locks! I took these photos after I had my hair in for over month! It is so soft and natural. I don't need to search anymore, I will order from Perfect Locks from now on! A+++
Testimonial By: Debra Sanders — Dolton, Illinois — 

Happy with my Virgin Indian hair

Tuesday 02 November, 2010

Here are pictures of my hair after installing Wavy Virgin Indian Hair, 16 Inch, Natural Brown/Black.

I ordered my Wavy Virgin Indian Hair (FedEx Overnight delivery) and received it the very next day. I was very pleased. I love this hair! It blends so well and I have not had any tangling or shedding since I had it installed. I get many compliments and most can’t believe this is not my hair. Thanks Perfectlocks!
Testimonial By: Antoinette Olds — Jacksonville, Florida — 

Love My Hair

Wednesday 27 October, 2010

The best hair ever!!I will NEVER purchase hair from my local beauty supply again. Beautiful, soft, flowing hair on my head, customer service was phenomenal..GUY was very patient with me, as I asked so many questions before I made my purchase. THANKS a million perfect locks!
Testimonial By: Hair Lover — , Illinois — 

Swiss lace

Wednesday 27 October, 2010

I ordered the Swiss Lace Wavy and I love it. Perfect Lock shipped my order in a timely manner, I received my order in 2 working days! The piece does not shed and looks like the hair is growing out of my scalp. Bottom line, I love this product! Thanks Perfect Locks!
Testimonial By: Tenesha Williams

Love the Feeling

Tuesday 26 October, 2010

I Love the feeling of the hair and the fact that it doesn't shed. How realistic the hair feels and soft the texture is i can't wait to shop from perfect locks again. I did tremendous research before purchasing hair and i am very happy with the product and will gladly shop from perfect locks again.
Testimonial By: Faduma Burale — Edmonton, Canada — 

Your #1 Customer

Thursday 21 October, 2010

Hello Perfect locks this is Olympia Love once again.....sending pictures of my hair that I love so much from you all. I love your hair and I'm your number one customer and will continue to shop with you for years to come....I'm about to start modeling and your hair sealed the deal for me its all about the look...priceless.... 1 pkg 18 inch 1B tight curly, 1 pgk 20 inch 1B tight curly and 1 pgk 1B 26 inch tight 3 packs of hair in my head.
Testimonial By: Olympia — Flossmoor, Illinois — 

Perfect Locks Testimonial

Monday 18 October, 2010

I found out about Perfect Locks when I was reading someone's pic comments on Facebook. She wasn't satisfied with the hair she had from another company, so someone suggested she try PerfectLocks because that's what she was going to do. Fast forward a month, I got my PerfectLocks after days and days of research. The hair never tangles, it's so easy to wash, it curls nicely, waves when wet which is pretty. It's amazing. I'm still a skeptic to how this hair will last me for a year, but thus far, it's great! It doesn't really shed, it's just beautiful. A lot of people think it's my natural hair. I love the illusion it gives (haha). it's great hair that I will definitely use in the future. I've recommended it to all of my friends and family, and they love how it looks as well. So go get your PerfectLocks today! You know the skeptic in you wants to try it, and if you're still a bit "iffy," then request a sample to just feel the hair for yourself. It's soft and amazing.
Testimonial By: Brittany Hardy — Princeton, New Jersey — 

Doesn't shed or matte... LOVE IT!

Wednesday 13 October, 2010

I've ordered from several online companies and always had issues with hair matting up after a few washes. When I came across perfect locks I figured I would try them and see what the hype was all about. I purchased the hair for a partial sew in and I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE ITTTTTTTTT. It blends perfectly with my hair. I was able to color it and the color took well and it was still manageable. The only down side was that hair was a little thin and curl doesn't really hold but overall there's very minimal shedding and hair doesn't matte. I will def continue to order from them in the future.
Testimonial By: Cassandra Hughes — Chesapeake, Virginia — 

Lovin' It

Tuesday 12 October, 2010

I love this hair. It's so soft and behaves just like real hair. It never poofs or gets too frizzy, and it does not have a weird smell after using hot tools. So much came in one pack for the type of installment I used. I will always order from perfect locks!
Testimonial By: Grace Meyer — Toms River, New Jersey — 


Thursday 30 September, 2010


Machine Wavy Remy Machine

Sunday 26 September, 2010

I love this hair. Every time I wash it that hair comes right back to life (wavy). It looks so smooth when I straighten it. I use glue and it looks so natural installed that way. I will always buy this hair.
Testimonial By: Grace Meyer

Great Customer Service

Tuesday 21 September, 2010

Perfect locks have great customer service, and they stand behind their product 100%. They are also very friendly and reassuring. I order some hair for them to be specific it was the virgin natural straight a bag of the 18 inch and a bag of the 20 inch. I was very scared when ordering the hair because years ago I lost a lot of money on a fake website and after that I made a promise to myself not to ever order off the internet again. But one day after just exploring the internet I ran across the perfect locks website and was over wham with all of the satisfied customer. By being a victim of online theft the first thing to pop up in my head was “this website is fake, they are just writing these reviews themselves” but for some reason I could not stay off their website. So I started doing my research on them I added them to my Facebook and added pretty much every fan they had who left a comment on their page. I message a lot of their fans on Facebook and ask about the hair and what kind of quality it was. Everyone that did write me back had nothing but good things to say about their hair. So finally I order the hair I receive the hair in 2 days. The hair was real soft and pretty and was exactly everything they said it would be. But the only thing that I made a mistake on was ordering the natural black and brown hair instead of doing a custom order and getting the hair jet black. So I had to cancel my appointment because the hair did not match my natural which was my fault. And my hairdresser could not rebook me until November. So I just had to cut my hair because I could not wait until November. I requested a refund a got the refund 2 days later. I was very pleased with the hair but most of all with the customer service. And when I decided to get a sew in again I will order from perfect locks
Testimonial By: MONIQUE HARRIS

Customer for Life!

Monday 20 September, 2010

After sharing my story about my battle with Trichotillomania AKA TTM in a recent contest, I was the very fortunate WINNER of 8oz Perfect Locks 18"machine wefted wavy Indian hair! For over 10 years I have been using Indian hair, however Perfect Locks is definitely amongst the very best in quality and affordability for premium quality! I have done my research and of the three most reputable vendors I know of in Southern CA, Perfect Locks beats their prices by at least $160 for the same 8 oz! You definitely get your money's worth at Perfect Locks and the quality is undeniably beautiful, it's soft & luxurious, lightweight and does not shed or tangle! Thanks Perfect Locks! You have a new customer for life!
Testimonial By: Felicia Wills — San Antonio, Texas — 

Amazing Hair! Thank You!

Saturday 18 September, 2010

Thank you so much perfect locks for my hair! I have had it for 2 months and I am still loving it :D The customer service was amazing and so is the product! If you are thinking about getting this hair just do it you definitely won't be sorry! I can go ahead and classify myself as a satisfied customer and I will definitely be coming back Thanks again!!!
Testimonial By: Kayla — Houston, Tx — 


Wednesday 08 September, 2010

I ordered the machine weft wavy hair and was kind of unsure when I received the hair. I had it sewn in and washed and conditioned and was WOWED on how the hair looked afterwards. It was the "BOMB". I will never order hair from anyone else. PERFECT LOCKS GOT A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!
Testimonial By: EBONY — Washington, DC — 


Wednesday 08 September, 2010

I love my hair and wouldn't trade it for any other... thanks so much for completely satisfying me!
Testimonial By: Anastacia — jeanerette, Louisiana — 


Friday 20 August, 2010

I love this hair! I've been a beautician for 15 years and I've never seen any hair like this with such great quality and so versatile. If your pondering weather you should buy it, stop guessing because this hair is worth it!
Testimonial By: Rashelle Jack — New Iberia, Louisiana — 

This hair is awesome!

Wednesday 18 August, 2010

I have the Virgin Indian Remy straight sewn in. I have a layer cut and its curled. This hair is awesome! I ordered it and I received it 2 days later. I had it sewn it and it matched well with my hair and was very versatile in styling options. I can wear it straight, curled, or just wash and let it hair dry and it will have a natural wave. I also even colored it and the color took well! (Professional color) I would definitely recommend it! I am going to order some Tight curly so I'll send pics of that soon!
Testimonial By: D. Satisfied — Baton Rouge, Louisiana — 

Perfect Locks Update...

Sunday 15 August, 2010

Hello, just wanted to give another update on how great my hair is - this is the same hair i bought 8 months ago and I have reinstalled it about ummm 6 times already I love it and its still going strong - These pics are of the hair 8 months old - I love it Thanks Perfect locks!
Testimonial By: Yemesi Olagbegi


Tuesday 10 August, 2010

I am a self proclaimed weava-diva. I am probably the most picky person when it comes to the way my hair looks and for that reason I am always looking for something better than what the next person has. I was told about this brand by a hairstylist that I recently began seeing and did my FULL research before I purchased anything. I'm slightly skeptical when it comes to online shopping, especially for weave because I always bought straight from a beauty supply store.

Although my order was not perfect when I received it, the customer service was excellent and gave me what I wanted in a short amount of time. All of my concerns were taken care of, all of my questions were answered. I ended up purchasing 2 bundles of the 14 inch wavy machine weft hair. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the hair. It has definitely surpassed my expectations. It's so soft and manageable and doesn't require too much effort which is important to an 18 year old college student that is on the go 99% of the time.

I had the hair installed about 2 weeks after I received it and was not 100% satisfied with the installation so I had it taken out and it is being reinstalled tomorrow (8/11/2010). However, I was happy with the hair itself. He washed it before he began sewing it in and the hair REALLY DOES come to life after it is washed.

After I get the hair installed again, I will post pictures and probably make a video testimonial as well. I am a satisfied customer that will be returning to for all of my weava-diva needs. Thank you so much!
Testimonial By: Gabrielle Roberts — Chicago, Illinois —