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Welcome to Perfect Locks!

Payments and Ordering Infromation

We accept credit card payments, Paypal payments, and Bill Me Later through PayPal. For International customers, PayPal is usually the best option because of International AVS (Address Verification Service) requirements. We also accept Western Union Payments.

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards:

Our credit card system will only process orders using your billing address for security reasons. We take fraud seriously. If you have a different shipping address requirements, we require the following information sent to us by email or fax:

  • Your photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  • The front of your credit card (you can conceal all the numbers except the last 4).

Identification items can be sent email to or fax to 925.349.4050. Most customers will take a photo with their cell phone and email it to us.

How to Use Paypal

Paypal allows customers to use their credit card with or without creating a Paypal account. One the checkout page, after selecting the PayPal option and clicking the "CONFIRM ORDER BUTTON, you will be redirected to PayPal where you will see the screens illustrated below. The screens show how to

Simply follow one of the options to pay with your credit card, or use Bill Me Later:

How to Use Bill Me Later (a PayPal service)

Bill Me Later is a service offered by Paypal, which makes it easy to buy now and settle up later. Make no payments for six months. You will receive monthly statements and can make payments at any time. As long as you pay in full by the promotion expiration date, you will not be billed interest. Otherwise, interest will be billed from the date of purchase. We recommend using Bill Me Later if your order total is large, or if you are interested in buying now, and settling up later.

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Select Bill Me Later at checkout
  • Answer two quick questions and accept the terms

Here's what you need to know:
  • You'll start with buying power of at least $250.
  • If you choose to pay over time, the Annual Percentage Rate is 19.99% and the minimum interest charge is $2. Terms
  • If you happen to pay late, you could receive a late fee of up to $35.

Western Union

Paypal does not operate in several countries. If this is the case, we suggest you make a Western Union transfer. Western Union can be very convenient for some international customers. If interested in paying by Western Union please email us your order details, with specifics like product type, length, texture, and color by using our contact page or sending a mail to We will then send you an exact total including shipping costs, along with the rest of the instructions.