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How to Take Great Photos

Taking great photos can be easy if you follow these simple tips... Whether your taking the photos, posing for them, or doing both! Although it's recommended to use a point and shoot camera, these tips will help you look your best in every photo no matter what kind of camera or cell phone you use.

Tips on Self Portraits:

  1. Use a tripod if you have one.
  2. Use the self timer setting on your camera, set it to the longest duration possible (usually 10 to 15 seconds).
  3. Take a few test shots to compose your shot.
  4. Act natural and be yourself.

General Photography Tips:

  • Natural light is your best friend. Make sure your shot is well lit, use a flash if you have to.
  • Stay out of the shadows. You want light to capture detail, you especially want the show the texture of your hair. Try a flash when in doubt.
  • Be mindful of your background. The last thing you want is a tree or pole growing out of your head. A not too busy background helps highlight your look.
  • Stay in Focus. Make sure your shot isn't blurry. Blur is bad and can destroy your photo.
  • Play with angles and perspective. Tilt your head, tilt your camera, and try messing around with different shots to create visual interest.
  • Take many more photos than you need. You want a wide variety of shots to choose from, some may come out not so great while others are fantastic, you want the selection.

Editing your photos:

Cropping, adjusting exposure, tilting, and many other basic edits can make or break a photo. Be creative. There also many great apps that can help you create a collage to make your shots really interesting. They can also help you easily share your work to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here are some great FREE tools:

Sharing your work:

  • Upload your photo right on our website using our photo uploader, located right on our home page or at the top of your Perfect Locks Account section.
  • When posting to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook make sure you tag us in your post using @perfectlocks.
  • Post the photo on your own social Media accounts, and send it to us to get you the most exposure.

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