Caring for your Straight Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

The process for taking care of your Straight Virgin Indian hair is important for your hair’s overall health and maintaining its original form. If you take care of your extensions correctly, you will prevent breakage and the need to replace your hair extensions sooner than normal as the months pass by. Making it important to care of your hair extensions will result in your locks looking gorgeous.

Weekly Care for Straight Hair Extensions

Wash your hair as you normally would at least once a week with shampoo and conditioner and apply the following specific tips. First, do not rub your hair against other sections of your hair because it will result in unwanted breakage. To prevent damage to your tresses, shampoo your hair in a downward motion. After washing your hair it’s time to get out of the shower, but be sure to towel dry your hair very gently. Overall your locks should air dry naturally to maintain their luster. While your hair is still damp you can spray it with deep conditioner. This results in healthy hair extensions that will be very silky, clean, and shiny.

Next it’s time to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb, but untangle your hair gently. Now divide your hair in multiple sections and brush out each individual section of your hair until you reach the top of your hair near your scalp. The attachment should be treated with care even though it is very securely attached to your hair. Continue air drying your hair unless you desire to quickly style your hair because you are running out the door. In that case, using a hair dryer sparingly is alright as long as you have a protecting shield against the heat such as leave -in conditioner.

Daily Care for Straight Hair Extensions

Daily care for your extensions is just as important, if not more important than your weekly regime. To daily prevent breakage of your hair, continue separating your hair into many sections. Brush your hair from the bottom up as you begin styling your hair but don’t use a bristle brush because it will be too rough on your locks. Instead use a brush that will treat your straight hair extensions lovingly such as a loop brush. 

As well as owning a special brush for your extensions, it’s also important to use products that do not have alcohol in them. If products with alcohol in them are all that you own use them very sparingly because it will damage and dry out your hair. Oily and Greasy hair products should also be used sparingly because it will result in weighting down your and making them a tangled mess. Instead, use something like olive oil to care for your hair. Olive oil is perfect for the perfect amount of shine in your gorgeous hair but it is essential to only apply a small amount to your hair.

For nightly hair care as you sleep, you can either braid your hair, pin curl, or roller set it to keep it protected while you catch up on your rest. Sleeping with a satin cap or on a satin covered pillow will additionally protect your straight hair extensions.

If you follow all of the above steps for your daily and weekly hair care, your locks will maintain their shine and beauty. Don’t neglect your daily hair care regime because it’s important to realize that taking care of your hair should be a habit. Remember, the incentive is to maintain extensions that are lovely and shiny.

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