Which type of weft do you recommend?

70% of our customers order Machine wefts because they are more familiar with stylists. The machine weft allows your stylist to cut and seal the track themselves, where it's already cut and sealed for them in our Hand tied wefts. Some stylists prefer to cut and seal themselves, while others do not. Hand tied wefts also lay a bit flatter against the scalp, so if your looking for a more undetectable look then that's what we would recommended.

Ultimately, we suggest you consult your stylist before making a decision on your purchase. He/she is most likely familiar with a particular type of weft and will make a suggestion for you. Whatever method you choose for your hair extension make sure they are done by a professional. The skilled work of the hair stylist is more important than anything else. The exact same Indian hair is used in both types of wefts that we sell. This hair extension installation video may help your stylist understand how to perform the cut and seal procedure properly.

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